New Japanese Director Appointed to the Tokyo Cement Board

Friday, 18 August 2017 08:22

Tokyo Cement announces the appointment of Mr. Susumu Ando as the Nominee Director for Ube Singapore Pte. Ltd. to the Tokyo Cement Company (Lanka) PLC’s Board of Directors effective from 28th July 2017.

Mr. Susumu Ando is currently serving as the Managing Director of Ube Singapore Pte. Ltd., which recently upped their stake at Tokyo Cement with the purchase of 10% voting shares at the Colombo bourse.

Mr. Ando, holding a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the Ritsumeikan University in Japan, had joined Ube Group of Companies in 1997.

He has served in the cement, construction material and Ready-Mix Concrete divisions of the company.

As a leading manufacturer of cement and cement related machinery, Ube Industries Ltd. recently increased their investment in Tokyo Cement through its fully owned Singaporean subsidiary.

Ube Industries Ltd. Japan, the parent company of Ube Singapore Pte. Ltd. has been a technology services partner of Tokyo Cement until now.

The longstanding Technical Services Agreement between the two companies facilitate the exchange of innovative product knowledge and technical expertise in cement production.

Tokyo Cement has successfully made use of this strategic partnership to improve their manufacturing excellence and superior product quality.

Mr. S.R. Gnanam, Managing Director of Tokyo Cement Company (Lanka) PLC, while welcoming Mr. Ando to the team, expressed his confidence on the contribution the new Japanese counterpart will make to Tokyo Cement’s journey to achieve greater business success.

Photo Caption - Mr. Susumu Ando joins Tokyo Cement Company (Lanka) PLC’s Board of Directors.

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