Wurth Lanka Introduces “WOW! Coolius2700” Vehicle Green Air-con Solution

Wurth Lanka (Pvt) Ltd, the local subsidiary of global giant Wurth GmbH of Germany, introduced the revolutionary “WOW! Coolius2700” fully automatic air-conditioning (A/C) service station to the vehicle air-conditioning and servicing industry in Sri Lanka.

The WOW! Coolius2700 is a micro-processor controlled user friendly system designed specifically for automotive air-conditioning technicians to carry out simple and quick air-conditioning diagnostic procedures together with automatic functions to test the air-conditioning system, recover and recycle the refrigerant, electronically gauge the amount of refrigerant recovered and amount of oil removed from the air-conditioning system (if any), evacuate the air-conditioning system, electronically charge lubricating oil, UV dye (by volume) and refrigerant (by weight) into the air-conditioning system.

“Wurth Lanka takes great pride in caring for your car with our extensive range of products for the aftercare car market.

Now with the launch of WOW! Coolius2700, we provide a technologically advanced solution to take care of the air-conditioning system in vehicles and ensure that it is functioning at the optimum level for the comfort of the passengers” said Rohan Amirthiah-Managing Director, Wurth Lanka (Pvt) Ltd.

“The WOW! Coolius2700 is an eco-friendly solution which helps to minimize the release of any ozone damaging refrigerant gasses being released to the environment when repairing and maintaining the A/C system in your vehicle.

We are used to getting our A/C checked only when we have a cooling problem, but like any machine, the A/C system must have a periodic maintenance and service and that’s where the Wurth A/C service machine comes in very useful, avoiding very expensive A/C repairs and saving money and time for the car owners” he added.

The WOW! Coolius2700 is an advanced, highly reliable user friendly system designed specifically for automotive air-conditioning technicians to carry out simple and quick air-conditioning diagnostic procedures.

“Due to its quick and micro-processor controlled functions, customers can expect a faster turn-around time when repairing or servicing their A/C systems.

As a result, A/C repair and maintenance providers can expect a larger flow of customers to their A/C repair centers” said Stanislav Fandeev-International Account Manger, WOW! Würth Online World GmbH.

The most innovative and state of the art WOW! Coolius2700 “climatic conditioner servicing machines” can give the A/C repair and maintenance garages the edge over all others in terms of speed, higher profit, and better service to their customers who are the vehicle owners, and finally reduce the greenhouse effect and protect the ozone layer.

The investment in these machines will pay back in 6 to 12 months while reducing the carbon emission and increasing customer satisfaction levels to unprecedented heights.

Wurth Lanka (Pvt) Limited is a fully owned subsidiary of Wurth International, AG and belongs to Adolf Wurth GmbH, Germany, the parent company of the Wurth Group.

Wurth is a Euro 10 Billion Company and one of the largest international trading companies with more than 400 subsidiaries in 83 countries.

With over 65,000 employees worldwide, Wurth has the largest direct sales force in order to be closer to its customers.

Wurth Group is an industry leader as a high quality supplier and award-winning distributor of automotive products and equipment to professional workshops in more than 83 countries worldwide.

Photo captions - Stanislav Fandeev- International Account Manager Wow Wurth online world GMBH

Rohan Amirthiah- Managing Director Wurth Lanka pvt Ltd

Last modified on Thursday, 04 May 2017 04:14