Hi-tech TOKYO SUPERLIGHT Cellular Lightweight Concrete Factory comes to Elpitiya

Tokyo Cement, the manufacturers of TOKYO SUPERLIGHT, Sri Lanka’s 1st Cellular Lightweight Concrete block, ceremonially inaugurated their state-of-the-art production plant with expanded capacity in Elpitiya recently.

The factory was declared open by the Chairman of Tokyo Cement Company (Lanka) PLC, Dr. Harsha Cabral P.C., in the presence of Managing Director Mr. S.R. Gnanam and other distinguished guests representing Tokyo Cement Group.

Setting up a factory in Elpitiya, Tokyo Cement was the first to introduce Cellular Lightweight Concrete technology to Sri Lanka, at a time when it was rapidly gaining popularity in the world as the most efficient method to build.


With the backing of Tokyo Cement Group’s trusted reputation and exceptional service, TOKYO SUPERLIGHT market share experienced a promising increase within a short span of time.


With the rise of modern construction projects adopting global technologies and trends, the company decided to invest further on this innovative technology by expanding production capacity to 100m3 per day.


The enhanced operations of the Elpitiya plant now stands ready to meet growing demands from contemporary property developers and home builders who seek maximum value in return of their investment.
Mr. S.R. Gnanam, Managing Director of Tokyo Cement Company (Lanka) PLC speaking at the event said, “2017 marks a landmark year for Tokyo Cement Group, adorned with many feats that reestablish our leadership position in the market.


We have always been pioneers in our field with many of Sri Lanka’s Firsts under our belt.


Today we are decreeing another one of them by inaugurating the country’s first and only cellular lightweight concrete block manufacturing plant.


When we introduced the TOKYO SUPERLIGHT Cellular Lightweight Concrete block, the industry needed a bit of convincing about its versatility.


But today it is the structurally and economically proven choice that can successfully meet all types of construction needs.


We are confident about the capabilities of TOKYO SUPERLIGHT block as the most innovative, efficient and environmentally conscious choice, to deliver great value to building projects both commercial or residential.”


What makes TOKYO SUPERLIGHT unique is its chemical composition that traps millions of micro air bubbles, making it much lighter yet stronger, unlike traditional cement blocks that use coarse aggregates.


Despite being 3 times lighter than conventional blocks the TOKYO SUPERLIGHT block records twice the compressive strength.


It is the only concrete block with inter-locking capability to help reduce mortar usage.


This is best suited for projects that demand faster building time while overcoming the shortage of skilled labour.


The robustness of the Block helps reduce cement usage by half and can save up to 50% of the labour cost making it the most efficient building material.


This hi-tech concrete block comes in three thicknesses, namely 4, 6 and 9 inches, to meet varying requirement types in mid to high rise building projects.

The eco-friendly, sustainable production process adopted at the Elpitiya plant gives TOKYO SUPERLIGHT a carbon footprint of just 1/10 of the traditional clay brick and 1/7 of the cement block, making it the greener choice in construction.


In addition, TOKYO SUPERLIGHT blocks provide superior thermal and acoustic insulation while being more fire resistant, making it 30% more energy efficient compared to other building materials.

TOKYO SUPERLIGHT Cellular Lightweight Concrete (CLC) block comes to the market from Tokyo Cement Group.


Tokyo Cement Group has earned its reputation as the most trusted supplier of high quality cement and concrete used in infrastructure projects that have stood the test of time.


Having supplied top quality products for constructions that mark Sri Lanka’s growth, from iconic structures gracing the Colombo skyline, to overhead bridges, railroads and suspended highway networks; the company has cemented its legacy as a partner in nation building.


Photo Captions:


1.) Representing Tokyo Cement Company (Lanka) PLC, Mr. S.R. Gnanam - Managing Director, Dr. Harsha Cabral P.C. - Chairman and Mr. M. Thayananthan – Chief Executive Officer – Readymix Concrete hoist flags at the new TOKYO SUPERLIGHT plant in Elpitiya.

2.) Dr. Harsha Cabral P.C. - Chairman Tokyo Cement Company (Lanka) PLC unveiling the plaque at TOKYO SUPERLIGHT plant in Elpitiya.

3.) Dr. Harsha Cabral P.C., Chairman Tokyo Cement Company (Lanka) PLC officially inaugurates operation of the TOKYO SUPERLIGHT plant in Elpitiya. Plant Manager Mr. Kushantha Perera looks on.

4.) Plant Manager Mr. Kushantha Perera looks on while Dr. M.G.M.U. Ismail – Director Research & Development of Tokyo Cement showcases the TOKYO SUPERLIGHT block to Dr. Cabral, Mr. Gnanam and Mr. Ravi Dias of the board of directors of Tokyo Cement Company (Lanka) PLC.

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