Nivasie Malabe host BNI Sri Lanka’s diverse business gathering

Sunday, 31 December 2017 05:02

Nivasie Malabe, the country’s very first vertical living experience that spreads across a stunning 22-acres of prime space featuring an exclusive modern community with a mix of houses and apartment, recently hosted a business gathering of BNI Abundance, Sri Lanka’s first hall of fame and third chapter of the largest business networking organization in the world BNI.

Held on the 21st December at the Orchid-2 apartment complex, the event saw the participation of professionals and leading personalities from many diversified backgrounds.

Many members, especially budding entrepreneurs who want to expand their horizons, had the opportunity to share ideas, contacts and business referrals.

Today, for most of the businesses, recommendations are what drive the business.

According to research findings, 92pct of the consumers are more likely to trust their peers over advertising when it comes to purchasing decisions.

And BNI Sri Lanka continues to strengthen its networking, with the highest valued referral generated within the country amounting to USD5.2mn and counting.

The members also went on to tour the 160-unit 12 storied apartment, the phase two of Nivasie’s Orchid apartment project ready to be occupied by March 2018.

This comes after its previous success of the 94-unit 11-storied apartment.

Many members found the apartment interesting as it feels like the ideal location for a home away from the city with many greenery surrounding nature- fresh air, less noise and a relaxing environment.

In the past few months Malabe has seen many commercial and residential infrastructure developments, and has easy access to the outer circular highway.

Interestingly many doctors and health professionals are buyers due to its close vicinity to hospitals and institutions such as Dr. Neville Fernando Teaching Hospital, Millennium IT, Horizon Campus, SAITM, CINEC Campus, SLIIT, among many others.

The company has also partnered with leading banks and financial institutions that offers attractive and flexible payment structures.

The phase two is built by its parent company and renowned contractor International Construction Consortium Pvt Ltd (ICC), together creating milestones in the construction and housing development industry large-scale housing development projects in Sri Lanka.

With a rich and diverse experience for over 35 years, ICC has proved to be the country’s pioneering construction company renowned for maintaining quality standards and timely delivery.

Members of BNI have increased exposure to like-minded professionals, gaining referrals from a global network and sharpening their networking skills with exclusive member resources.

With over 222,000+ members worldwide, Business Network International (BNI) is the largest business networking organisation in the world.

During the past 12 months, BNI worldwide generated 9.5 million referrals resulting in 13.8 billion dollars worth of business for its members.

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