Ariyana Resort - Athurugiriya (2 Videos)

For the first time in Sri Lanka, Home Lands Skyline is proud to introduce the Resort Apartment Concept with 50+ Activities and redefine the apartment living here in this country.

20% of the area for Apartments and 80% for recreational area. 

It is yet another green concept from Homelands Skyline but with a great difference…

It is not just a Town in a rural setting but a Resort in the city.

We have preserved the surrounding Paddy Fields to give our residents a spectacular view and exceptional ambiance.

It is a home right in the midst of nature, where you would wake up to the fresh smell of green fields, and to the happy chirping of birds.

Our list of benefits is quite exhaustive which no other Apartment complex could match.

It is more like a resort hotel than an apartment complex.

It is the best investment you could make where you, without doubt, will receive 50% of your asset within two years.


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