Iconic leading the charge to craft Rajagiriya’s finest development

Leading infrastructure and property developer, Iconic Developments Ltd., is foremost in delivering many ‘firsts’ including high calibre amenities in Sri Lanka.

Rohan Parikh, Managing Director Iconic noted that Iconic is also the first to provide a rooftop landscape that meets environmental and greening standards through their latest build, Iconic Galaxy in Rajagiriya.

For this, they sought the expertise of renowned Architect, Samira Rathod who is a player in the construction of a 21st century Colombo skyline.

“She is challenging herself to maintain the lush landscape that defines the city,” Mr. Parikh added.

Iconic’s other newest introductions include sky landscapes, observatory, private hotel rooms within an apartment complex, business centre built with unique engineering solutions an auditorium along with the other facilities and amenities.

“We bagged many construction firsts in Sri Lanka. We are the first to provide a unique flood proof construction for an example,” Mr. Parikh said. Iconic is also the first to meet an extra stringent permissions regimen, he added.


First to offer high end facilities management in collaboration with Jones Lang Lasalle (JLL), Iconic has been aligning with the best partners, he noted.

“We are partnering JLL for facilities management, Maga for construction, HNB for loans to establish our presence here in Sri Lanka,” he said.

He added that Iconic apartments are exclusive, self-sustained, environment friendly residences for the elite, uniquely configured and elegantly landscaped, providing an ideal ambience for modern day living.

“It is more than a luxurious address, it is a lifestyle statement.”

Iconic Galaxy, the high-end, modern living space is the internationally-minded and locally-inspired and currently under construction, development in Rajagiriya.

Rohan Parikh is emphatic that getting the “pulse” and “texture” of a place is central to Iconic Galaxy’s design.

“In preparation for Iconic Galaxy in Sri Lanka, the design experts strove to imbibe the culture of Rajagiriya and aspirations of the people” he stated.

Among the many firsts that the development provides is a 7-level private club worthy of a 5-star hotel, a rooftop landscape which will bring residents closer to nature and their community; private guest suites for overnight visitors, on-site conveniences that include a supermarket, business centre, beauty salon and laundromat.

These are just some of the amenities and conveniences that Iconic Galaxy is bringing to Rajagiriya residents for the first time.

The idea is to create a self-contained world that provides residents with everything they need to live a healthy, fullfilling life with all the necessities and luxuries that make day to day living a pleasure.

Parikh added that the ethos Iconic Galaxy will bring is harnessing the communal nature of human beings and consequently to pull us away from our devices.

”But it’s no easy task.

A high rise, like Iconic Galaxy, is a building that, by default, isolates everybody from the ground.”, noted Parikh who added that “when you’re on the ground, there’s a connect with the city, when you’re up in the air, there’s a disconnect and that is why we have brought in all the elements of a city to the development to make it more communal and interactive”.

“Thus, we fight the isolation inherent to shuttered living with stacks of indiscriminate floors.

Iconic Galaxy will create a community within the building” he expressed.

Iconic Galaxy, accessible from two roads in Rajagiriya and perched on the trunk route of Buthgamuwa Road will have 272, super-luxury, two three and four bed-roomed apartments amidst a plethora of world class amenities and services to compliment the lifestyles of the buyers.

Iconic Galaxy, spread in an area of a little over 2 acres of land (over 87,000 square feet), offers customers all the trappings of high-end living at an affordable prices.

"We want to play a major role in developing the housing and real estate scope in Sri Lanka. We identified a need for sophisticated and stylish, world class, housing in the immediate suburb of Colombo and are happy to start Iconic’s second landmark project, Iconic Galaxy.”

He said the Government infra-structure drive – the light rail transit system from Kottawa, the expressways, highways and new roads – all combine to make an investment in an apartment attractive considering Iconic’s latest apartment complex, Iconic Galaxy in Rajagiriya.

Investments in condominiums have generated historical returns at 17 per cent return on interest,” he said. Apartment rentals yield – 5 per cent to 9 per cent annually.

According to the Sri Lanka Real Estate Report published by KPMG in Sri Lanka, the country’s ultra luxury apartments are currently valued around $400-550 per square foot, while the luxury apartments are priced at $200-399 per square foot.

The luxury apartments in the suburban areas are valued at lower price points between $120 and $199 per square foot.


Photo caption : 3D renderings of Iconic Galaxy

Last modified on Wednesday, 14 November 2018 07:01

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