INSEE Cement offers unique customized solutions to build the nation

Monday, 21 January 2019 09:52

Sri Lanka’s foremost cement manufacturer, INSEE Cement has the proud distinction of producing cement that goes into building a third of the nation’s homes.

The Company is sought after by home builders for its distinctive internationally renowned quality, offering freshness, and pride of being the country’s oldest cement brand.

INSEE is known as an innovative brand and a reliable solution provider for builders – both individual home builders as well as giant high-rise builders.

Most importantly the Company is renowned for its global best practices that sets them apart in the domestic construction industry.

INSEE Cement is tested to meet highest international standards on a daily basis while most of the cement manufacturers in the country are required only to test their products only annually.

INSEE Cement customers have the unique advantage of being able to visit the Company’s plants and laboratories and with each delivery, a specification report is issued bringing peace of mind to the customers.

INSEE Cement recently introduced superior blended cements to the country, maintaining the Company’s vision to help, ‘Build the Nation’.

Construction experts, engineers and consultants readily use the manufacturer’s internationally used products and solutions in Sri Lanka.

INSEE Cement is able to produce a customized cement or concrete which is uniquely developed to meet the needs of individual customers or corporate projects.

The demands and requirements are first assessed by the Company’s highly qualified engineers and experts based on important issues such as environmental exposure and risks, lifespan of the construction, project budget constraints and other important factors.

INSEE Cement regularly discusses with the project owners and construction providers throughout the different stages of the project, from feasibility, design, construction, to completion and beyond.

INSEE Cement continues to lead in innovation in the construction industry which provides and drives the Company’s competitive advantage and has resulted in a product portfolio that is the widest in the country and the most sustainably produced.

The Company is scheduled to open a new Innovation and Application Centre of excellence, in the near future.

Currently under the Innovation and Application Centre at the Colombo Head office, the Company has conducted knowledge sharing sessions and many interactions with its stakeholders and aims to do many more in future.

Commenting about the Green processes, Jan Kunigk, Executive Vice President & Commercial Director of INSEE Cement, INSEE Concrete and CONWOOD by INSEE in Sri Lanka said, “INSEE Cement’s green certified product and solution range, 100% superior blended cements, lead to significantly longer durability of the projects.

Instead of a lifespan of 40 years for the proposed project such as a bridge, INSEE Cement is able to sustain it for over 7 to 8 decades.

INSEE Cement Lanka now moves away from prescriptive designs to performance specific designs which is a significant milestone, practiced around the world.

INSEE Cement is now bringing it to Sri Lanka – for the benefit of the nation to maintain its beautiful green landscape for the generations to come.”

Green products can outperform existing products. SLS 107 (Ordinary Portland Cement) is a 100-year-old recipe.

New technologies and mix designs, proven over many decades in other markets already under similar environmental conditions, as such SLS 1247 and SLS 1253 (Portland Limestone Cement and Portland Blended Hydraulic Cement), are better performing products.

In the future, the Company intends to bring composite cements, further increasing the benefits to project owners.

Once customers experienced the new products and solutions and saw the benefits, e.g. longer lasting, low heat developments for mass-pouring etc. they are fully convinced and continue to use these new solutions.

Just to mention that all major projects, whether it is Burj Al Kalifa Tower, Lotus Tower, Petronas Towers, Port City Project, Southern and Central Expressway, are all or modern, superior blended cements.

INSEE Cement takes pride in being an innovator and reliable partner, ready to supply the best for the projects, their owners and the country.

This will benefit all, building the nation, supporting development of the Sri Lankan construction industry and all home builders and consumers of INSEE Cement products and solutions.

Photo Caption : Mr Jan Kunigk, Executive Vice President & Commercial Director of INSEE Cement, INSEE Concrete and CONWOOD by INSEE

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