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JAT Holdings’ loyalty programme amasses 100,000 customers

Thursday, 10 June 2021 15:44

 JAT Holdings Loyalty Programme

Businesscafe - Within a short span of two years since its launch, JAT Holdings’ loyalty programme has reached a significant milestone amassing a loyalty base of 100,000 customers.

This stands as a reflection of many customers who place their confidence and trust in JAT’s premium-quality products.

In 2019, JAT Holdings launched a unique loyalty programme in an effort to give back to their customers, in appreciation and recognition of their loyalty.

However, after identifying that most of the customers who patronise the brand are daily wage earners, such as painters and carpenters, who do not generally engage in banking activities; JAT Holdings enabled the conversion of loyalty points into a monetary benefit facilitated through an exclusive Commercial Bank debit card.

“We planned the loyalty programme as a form of reward to our customers and was initially launched for the Sayerlack customer base.

What we noticed was that most of these customers are daily wage earners who do not generally engage in banking activities and have a method to save for the future.

Therefore, as a form of an incentive to save, we collaborated with Commercial Bank to offer an exclusive loyalty debit card to customers, giving them the opportunity to decide if they want to save or redeem their loyalty points for cash.

This initiative was well received by our customers, as this also aided them to grow their business by having banking facilities which are critical for running a business.

Success of this concept is evidence of us reaching this milestone in a short span of two years, amidst challenging market conditions,” Said Dilshan Rodrigo, General Manager Marketing – JAT Holdings Limited.

Each loyalty point is equivalent to one Sri Lankan rupee.

The purchase of a 1L can of Sayerlack Water Base products rewards 60 points, 2.5L – 100 points, 4L – 250 points and 5L- 250 points respectively.

A customer can enrol into the loyalty programme by following simple steps.

The customer needs to purchase a Sayerlack Water Base product which consists of a loyalty programme sticker.

After scratching the sticker and sending an SMS to 076 399 0990, points will begin to accumulate.

After 500 points have been collected, the customer is eligible to get an exclusive Commercial Bank debit card before redeeming their cash from the nearest ATM.

Since its inception, this loyalty programme has empowered Sayerlack customers with the power of financial independence, allowing the liberty to either withdraw or save the monetary value of the points earned.

Now, more than ever, the loyalty programme is expected to attract more customers as it offers a pathway towards long term financial security during these trying times.

JAT Holdings has also recognised that this programme will result in a greater degree of inclusivity and an introduction to using a banking system.

As the leader of the wood coatings industry in Sri Lanka, the programme has managed to uplift lifestyles by creating an opportunity for savings and investment.

While building even more trust and confidence in the brand, this has also served as a method to uphold JAT’s corporate values concerning innovation and customer satisfaction.

It is expected that in the future, the loyalty programme will offer customers additional benefits that support their financial security.

As an innovative and progressive organisation with plans to launch an IPO in the near future, efforts such as this to uplift local communities are expected to intensify soon.

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