“Fundamentally, we’re going from a company that makes web pages and monetises them through banner ads, to a company that make mobile apps and monetises them through native ads,” said Yahoo chief executive Marissa Mayer in the Q3 earnings talk.

A Facebook group has been set up to urge Oxo to show its old ad featuring Lynda Bellingham over the Christmas period.

Angry Birds producer Rovio has partnered with YouTube to bring the video platform’s hit Slow Mo Guys to its Retry mobile game, a retro homage to the 8-bit era which its producers hope will become the next big thing.

Twitter has announced a new mobile development kit called Fabric to help smartphone developers create cross-platform apps for iOS and Android - with tools capable of giving direct stability feedback amid a rise in demand for quality mobile services.

Google has expanded its Consumer Barometer tool in an effort to provide marketers with better insights into how consumers interact with digital media.

Google’s latest efforts to crack down on online piracy have received a mixed reaction from advertising trade body ISBA, which has called into question the search giant’s motives.

The Oscars of Sports Awards Ceremonies in Sri Lanka.

Facebook has doubled the reward offered to those who point out security bugs in its advertising code.

Arabella Drummond is known for her tattoos and scintillating body but one of her recent photos is threatening to turn her into a household name among men's websites and male social media conversations.

Truecaller, the mobile app that helps you take the right call announced its foray in Sri Lanka, recently as a strategic entrance to one of its key emerging markets.

Santa Claus has joined online professional network LinkedIn ahead of the busy Christmas season.

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