Triad Hosts Silent Avurudu Festival with Western Province Deaf Association

A one of a kind Sinhala and Tamil New Year celebration was organized recently at Frazer Grounds, Dehiwala by the Western Province Deaf Association (WPDA) in collaboration of Triad (Pvt.) Ltd. Children, youth as well as adults with hearing and speech impairment eagerly participated in the full day program packed with a variety of entertaining and exciting games, sponsored, coordinated and adjudged by the staff of Triad (Pvt.) Ltd.

The celebration heightened the spirit of friendship, and deepened the bonds between brethren living in a chaotic world, yet one faction experiencing utter silence while the other experiencing utter chaos concurrently.

Scores of traditional and creative games were held back to back including ‘Kana Mutti Gaseema’, ‘Kotta Pora’, 100 meter and 200 meter races, sack race, lemon and spoon race, apple eating, threading the needle, balloon balancing race as well as children’s balloon popping race.

Expressing his views at the occasion, President of the Organizing Committee representing Triad (Pvt.) Ltd. Mr. Manishka Pinto said, “We are elated to be a part of this unique New Year celebration at a time when Triad has reached its 25th milestone.

The Silent Avurudu festival was organized as one of the series of programs to be held in conjunction with the anniversary celebrations.

And I believe there is no better way to begin our celebration by sharing the joy and spirit of camaraderie with our brothers and sisters from the Western Province Deaf Association.”

Chairman of the Western Province Deaf Association Mr. T. Nimal Suwaris sharing his views added, “Our Association is deeply grateful to Triad (Pvt.) Ltd. for sponsoring this year’s New Year festival for our members.

The festival was organized and coordinated excellently by the staff of Triad going into great lengths to see the event a success, and it was heartwarming to see them bringing utmost joy to our beloved members and their families.”

The participant count exceeded all expectations in all games, portraying their keen enthusiasm despite perspiring under the blazing mid day sun.

Throughout the day, the members of the association reveled and cherished every moment with great zest and zeal, showing resilient spirit, courage and persistence.

Last modified on Sunday, 14 May 2017 03:46