CDB’s pioneering e-finance platform CDBiNet launched

Saturday, 15 July 2017 05:54

In its constant quest to reach customer service excellence, Citizens Development Business Finance PLC (CDB) launched a revolutionary customer transaction online portal that takes customer convenience to higher realms.

CDBiNet, a true reflection of CDB’s continuous pursuit for convenience is an online finance platform that offers an expansive range of facilities with the simple click of a button or via your smartphone, for the very first time in Sri Lanka’s finance industry.

From enabling the opening of savings accounts and Fixed Deposits to utility bill payments, application for VISA debit cards, fund transfers, information on leases and loans and online payments of these instalments, CDBiNET’s augments this expansive range of innovative facilities by adding the FB Friends transfer facility which is a first for the finance industry in the country.

With this focus on constantly pushing boundaries in technologically driven customer solutions, CDB has added another exciting dimension into this equation by having a weekly draw for customers who register with CDBiNet, offering an iPhone7 as the coveted prize.

In fact, the accessibility presented by CDBiNet through smartphones is well entrenched into the platform’s revolutionary persona, as it enables the download of the mobile app onto any smartphone via the Apple App Store or Android Google Play.

MD/CEO of CDB Mahesh Nanayakkara explains that CDB’s over twenty year history has been one constructed around meeting and exceeding stakeholder expectations.

“Our customers are integral to our success and in this era of intense competition, it has been stimulating to see our team use cutting edge technology to develop products that take us towards that constantly improving bar of customer service excellence.”

Adding that CDB continues to retain its conventional corporate persona while pushing frontiers in technology innovation, Nanayakkara states that CDB maintains that perfect balance of adding value to both offline and online service strategies, “because our customer will always be the catalyst upon which we build our business on.”

With the CDBiNet registration process simplified where both existing customers and new customers can become registered users with minimum hassle, General Manager - IT & e-commerce Imdad Naguib says, “Existing CDB Savings Account customers simply log onto or visit the nearest branch and activate their online account, while a new customer opens a new CDB Savings Account with a minimum deposit of Rs 500.

Very simple, convenient and time saving.” He adds that the moment registration is effected, the customer automatically goes into a draw to win the iPhone7 that’s being offered each week.

“FB Friends account holders have the additional convenience of logging onto the website through Facebook and effect fund transfers using this revolutionary technology.”

With customers increasingly infusing new age technology into their daily lifestyles, this technological evolution has also seen an unprecedented increase in the use of mobile technology in the country.

For Naguib, this paradigm also infers that customer expectations have set lofty standards for CDB’s digital transformation.

“What we give our customers through CDBiNet is a very secure, frictionless, seamless experience across all channels that collate 60+ readily available apps.

Being CDB’s digital face, CDBiNet with its built-in segmentation features, enables us to promote the right product to the right customer at the quickest time possible, while notably reducing our Total Cost Ownership (TCO) with unified digital channel solutions.”

CDB is an award winning leading non-banking financial institution serving both rural and urban communities through a network of 69 branches across the country.

This expansive network coupled with a high customer relationship focus has enabled the Company to enrich people’s lives, helping individuals from all demographics to uplift themselves economically and achieve career aspirations, while contributing towards meeting the goals contained in the national development agenda.

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