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Brandix Delivers Inspired Solutions to National Olympians as Presenting Partner

Businesscafe - Brandix Apparel Limited, a leading apparel manufacturer in Sri Lanka, has committed its support for the Sri Lanka Olympic Team as a Presenting Partner for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Kumarika Introduces New Therapy Range to Revitalize Hair Care Routines of Busy Women

Businesscafe - Today’s time starved busy life schedules have taken a toll on women’s hair health, especially at a time when they have to engage in both work and daily chores.

The Happy Market at the Havelock Sports Club

Businesscafe - “The Happy Market”, the monthly open air market that aims to support the local community, will be Held soon at The Havelock Sports Club, Isipathana Mw, Colombo 5.

Apparel community immunization ramping up 30 received first dose vaccines as of end June

Businesscafe - Joint Apparel Association Forum (JAAF) announced major progress in its efforts to safeguard workers and revitalize the industry, with approximately 30% of the total workforce having received their first dose of COVID vaccines, as at the end June 2021.

 The Swadeshi Industrial Works PLC obtains enjoining order against ReeBonn Lanka Lanka Sathosa for manufacturing and distributing Sathosa Kohomba soap

Businesscafe - The Swadeshi Industrial Works PLC, manufacturer of Swadeshi Khomba for eight decades obtained several enjoining orders in respect of the ‘Sathosa Kohomba’ manufactured by ReeBonn Lanka Pvt Ltd. and distributed by Lanka Sathosa Ltd for violation of intellectual property rights of its Swadeshi Khomba.

LPL-1 watched by 557m people worldwide

Saturday, 03 July 2021 06:41

LPL 1 watched by 557m people worldwide

Businesscafe - The inaugural edition of the highly successful Lanka Premier League (LPL) reached a cumulative audience of 557 million people through TV, digital-social space and traditional media outlets.

 Embrace your individuality with The Body Shop s Scents of Life fragrance line

Businesscafe - Are you fruity, floral, or spicy? What if a tinge of all three combined?

baby cheramy

Businesscafe - Baby Cheramy, Sri Lanka’s No.1 baby care brand of Hemas Consumer was recognized by LMD’s Brands Annual 2021 edition, further reinforcing the trust and allegiance of its loyal customers.

 Brandix Sustainability Summit Calls for Net Zero Carbon Future

Businesscafe - Brandix hosted its inaugural Sustainability Summit on the 4th of June, in celebration of World Environment Day 2021 on 5th June.

With a Whisk Her Hand and Dance Shoes on Her Feet

Businesscafe - “Life is about taking whisks and chasse towards your dreams!”

Mexican consulate invites Sri Lankan public to enjoy contemporary Online Film Series

Businesscafe - The Consulate of Mexico invites the members of the public to enjoy a series of contemporary films from Mexico over the month of June.