CFA Society Sri Lanka Announces hSenid Business Solutions PLC as the Subject Company for the Local Competition of the CFA Institute Research Challenge 2023-2024

Tuesday, 03 October 2023 15:40

CFA Society Sri Lanka Announces hSenid Business Solutions PLC as the Subject Company for the Local Competition of the CFA Institute Research Challenge 2023 2024

Businesscafe - CFA Society Sri Lanka has officially announced that hSenid Business Solutions PLC will be the subject company for its 17th annual Research Challenge, which will take place during 2023-2024 with the finals scheduled for February 2024.

The Research Challenge represents an annual educational endeavor aimed at cultivating the principles of excellence and ethical conduct in equity research among university students across the globe.

It provides students with valuable hands-on mentoring and intensive training in the field.

Distinguished industry experts will take on the role of mentors, guiding students in the process of conducting comprehensive research and generating reports on a publicly traded company.

Last year, this initiative saw the active participation of more than 6,200 students hailing from over 1,000 universities representing nearly 100 countries.

This involvement led to the progression of winning teams to regional and global competitions, all organized by the esteemed CFA Institute.

Mr. Sampath Jayasundara, CEO of hSenid Business Solutions PLC, expressed his enthusiasm regarding the CFA Institute Research Challenge.

He stated, ‘’We are delighted to serve as the subject company for this prestigious global competition, organised by CFA Institute and CFA Society Sri Lanka.

We are committed to supporting this annual educational endeavor, which is meticulously crafted to promote the adoption of best practices and ethical standards in equity research.


We extend our best wishes to all participating teams in this competition."

hSenid Business Solutions PLC has established itself as a renowned name in the IT industry, notably being the premier enterprise software product company to achieve a listing on the esteemed Colombo Stock Exchange.

Over the span of 26 years, this pioneering company has consistently transformed the landscape of Human Resources.

PeoplesHR, their flagship product, has provided steadfast support to more than 1600 HR departments in over 40 countries, representing 20 diverse industries.

Operating across six nations, hSenid Business Solutions PLC stands as one of the most trusted names in the HR Tech industry, catering to HR needs comprehensively through HCM solutions and an expansive HR ecosystem.

The response to this year’s competition has been overwhelming, with 22 teams from both state and non-state universities in Sri Lanka selected to participate in this challenge.

Each team will submit a research report with their recommendation, derived based on an in-depth analysis on hSenid Business Solutions PLC.

The shortlisted teams will present and defend their equity analysis at the local finals to be held in February 2024, to a distinguished panel of judges.

The winners will thereafter go to represent Sri Lanka at the sub-regional competition.

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