Dentsu Communications steals the limelight at the 'Most Effective Agency of the Year' Title at the Effie Awards Sri Lanka 2023

Thursday, 30 November 2023 13:23

Dentsu Communications steals the limelight at the Most Effective Agency of the Year Title at the Effie Awards Sri Lanka 2023

Businesscafe - Dentsu Communications brand ISOBAR comes out on top yet again at the EFFIE awards 2022/23, winning the 'Most Effective Agency of the Year', an outstanding achievement given that they have only participated in the EFFIE awards since 2021 and have bagged the top slot two out of the three years which is a major triumph for this young up and coming agency brand that is all about the future.

Another feature was that it was a joint win with Mullen Lowe who tallied a similar number.

This remarkable feat, achieved within a mere five years since its inception in Sri Lanka is an exciting testament to the innovative and creative approach that is winning for their clients brands in the market.

A further accolade is that ISOBAR’s winning streak has placed them as the highest-ranking Sri Lankan Agency in the Global Effie ranking in both 2021 and 2022.

This highlights our unwavering commitment to crafting trailblazing campaigns that not only captivate audiences, but also yields strong results for our clients, showcasing the immense power of creativity and tech coming together to drive business solutions for their brands.

The 'Most Effective Agency of the Year' recognition is presented to the agency that attains the highest added points from all awards won and the most finalist entries at the Effie Awards.

For the first time in Sri Lanka, two agencies were named as equal winners.

This highlights our commitment to excellence across diverse categories, all fueled by our innovative and ingenious approach with 2 gold, 3 silvers, 3 bronze awards and 4 finalists along with our client IESC YouLead who won Brand of the year and Marketer of the year.

"In an era where every advertising rupee counts in an economically challenging landscape, ISOBAR being acknowledged as the 'Most Effective Agency of the Year' for the second consecutive year is a testament to our relentless dedication to crafting revolutionary campaigns that look to the future through the power of creativity and tech.

Our aim is to not just create advertisements, but to craft resonant, vibrant experiences that deeply engage audiences and drive tangible, meaningful outcomes for our many clients," expressed Mohenesh Chamith Buthgumwa, Vice President of Dentsu Communications.

Neela Marikkar, Chairperson at the Dentsu Grant Group, emphasized,

“This outstanding win at the Effie Awards is a testament to our agency's unwavering pursuit of excellence and dedication to growth and learning, showcasing our capacity to leverage creativity and technology driven by deep consumer understanding particularly in navigating through complex and uncertain times.

It underscores the profound impact that creativity holds in not just capturing attention of our consumers but also in achieving concrete, measurable results that help distinguish our clients brands in a crowded marketplace.

I want to take this opportunity to congratulate team ISOBAR for this prolific win. We are so proud of their achievement"

At Dentsu Communications, our team remains dedicated to crafting transformative campaigns that are captivating but that also packs a punch, driven by the power of creativity and tech.

This highly sought after accolade reaffirms our unwavering commitment to harnessing the boundless potential of creativity and take us to new heights, enabling us to craft campaigns that transcend boundaries, break barriers, and consistently deliver exceptional value for our clients and their brands.

The success of these campaigns wouldn't have been possible without the visionary partnership and unwavering trust of our clients and partners.

Their collaboration and commitment to embracing innovative strategies, underpinned by our creative endeavors, have been instrumental in achieving these outstanding results, showcasing the true power and impact of creativity in the advertising landscape.

We appreciate the support we have received from Kaali Projects and Audacity, as this win would not have been possible without them.

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