Lanka Professional Caregivers Association Successfully Holds First Convention

Saturday, 20 January 2024 03:59

Lanka Professional Caregivers Association

Businesscafe - The Lanka Professional Caregivers Association, established last year as a pioneering initiative in the country, celebrated a momentous milestone with its inaugural convention held at National Institute of Education, Maharagama.

The distinguished ceremony was honored by the presence of Chief Guest Tissa Attanayake, Member of Parliament, Former Ambassador Sarath Wijesinghe PC and other esteemed dignitaries.

The highlight of the convention was the induction of 140 professional caregivers from Sri Lanka’s premier privately-led vocational training institution for local and foreign employment, Surado Campus of Business Management, as members of the Lanka Professional Caregivers Association.

The primary objective of the association is to safeguard the rights of caregivers and care receivers, while simultaneously elevating the dignity and professionalism of the caregiving profession.

The organization is committed to transforming unskilled and semi-skilled local caregivers into skilled professionals through comprehensive training programs.

Additionally, the association aims to establish a standard code of ethics for the industry, ensuring a higher income for its members and taking active measures to enhance their social well-being.

Speaking at the convention, Chief Guest Tissa Attanayake emphasized the crucial role caregivers play in society and commended the association for its commitment to uplifting the caregiving profession.

He also expressed optimism about the positive impact the association would have on both caregivers and care receivers, highlighting the need for standardized practices within the industry.

Uplifting the skills of Lankan caregivers is not just a mission but a national duty.

At Surado Campus of Business Management, we are committed to meeting the international demand for highly skilled caregivers through specialized training programs.

Our curriculum is meticulously mapped to align with the stringent caregiving criteria set by countries such as Australia and the UK, ensuring that our Level A caregivers are not only competent but excel on the global stage.

We take pride in contributing to the professional growth of caregivers in Sri Lanka, ultimately enhancing the quality of care provided worldwide,” said Dr P.S.R. Buddhika, the current president of Lanka professional Caregivers’ association and the administrative secretary of the ambassadors Forum-United kingdom.

In a forward-looking approach, the Lanka Professional Caregivers Association plans to empower caregiving professionals by fostering entrepreneurship within the field.

The association is also set to establish a dedicated Grooming Centre for local caregivers, contributing to their ongoing professional development and growth.

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