99x and MAS Foundation for Change install Ocean Strainer to address plastic pollution

 99x and MAS Foundation for Change install Ocean Strainer to address plastic pollution

Businesscafe - 99x, a global product engineering company installed an Ocean Strainer to address the issue of ocean plastic pollution as part of the company’s sustainability initiatives focusing on the environment.

This 80-foot strainer was installed in the Lunawa Lagoon in Moratuwa, in collaboration with the MAS Foundation for Change.

The Ocean Strainer is a floating trap designed by MAS Holdings to collect and remove plastic waste from waterways and preventing plastics reaching the ocean.

The Lunawa Lagoon ecosystem is extremely polluted due to the significant amount of waste entering the lagoon through the four canals.

This project has the potential to offer a long-term holistic solution to floating macro plastic pollution, by successfully preventing the entry of debris from the largest of the forementioned four canals, promising an immediate positive impact on the entire Lagoon ecosystem.

The installed Ocean Strainer is expected to capture over 20,000 kg of waste annually, which will be collected and disposed responsibly by local authorities.

Shehani Seneviratne, Chief Operating Officer of 99x, commented,

“Pollution from microplastics is a critical issue that we must address in a sustainable manner.

By installing an Ocean Strainer, we go further to address plastic pollution at its source, where we prevent plastic waste before it enters the ocean.

We are delighted to partner with the MAS Foundation for Change for this engagement and appreciate their commitment towards this cause”.

Sharika Senanayake, Executive Director of the MAS Foundation for Change, said,

“We appreciate the support of our partner 99x, who readily came forward to collaborate with us and support us on our journey to turn the tide on pollution and reclaim the purity of our waters.

This effort was much appreciated by the community and local government authorities who supported us with the installation of the Ocean Strainer and subsequently keeping the canal clean.

The community is looking forward to seeing their lake restored to its full glory like they remember just a few years ago”.

The MAS Foundation for Change, established in 2022 by MAS Holdings, is an independent non-profit organization aimed at tackling the social and environmental challenges faced due to ocean pollution, biodiversity loss and lack of access to clean water.

Currently, the MAS Foundation for Change spearheads the expansion of the ‘Ocean Strainer’ across Sri Lanka, while scaling up biodiversity restoration initiatives through reforestation, invasive removal and enrichment and working to improve water access in disadvantaged communities where MAS operates.

The MAS Foundation for Change facilitates collaborations with global and Sri Lankan partners including sponsors, innovators, and implementers for these projects.

Headquartered in Norway with roots in Sri Lanka, 99x has solidified its position as a global leader in product engineering.

With a track record of over 150 impactful digital products developed in collaboration with leading Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) since 2004, the 99x Group has a team of over 600 technology and product specialists across Sri Lanka, Brazil, Norway, Portugal, and Malaysia.

Their expertise, creativity, and collaborative spirit continue to drive innovation and excellence in the digital product landscape.

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