Publicis Groupe Sri Lanka celebrates 25 years as the ‘Idea Machine’

Publicis Groupe Sri Lanka celebrates 25 years as the Idea Machine

Businesscafe - Marking a significant milestone, Publicis Groupe Sri Lanka, a pioneering force in the advertising and marketing communications industry, proudly celebrates 25 years of consistent innovation, resilience, creativity, growth, and success.

Established in 1999, the Agency is part of the Publicis Groupe network.

Today it is recognised as the world’s No 1 in terms of organic growth and in winning new business over the last five years.

This is a testament to the company’s strong market position and growth strategy.

Operating in 110 countries with over 134,000 employees, Publicis Groupe’s extensive global presence enables the company to serve a diverse range of clients and industries.

Driving Publicis Groupe Sri Lanka is its guiding principle, ‘The Power of One’. It is fuelled by a shared vision, a dynamic spirit, collective conduct, strong integrity, and an unwavering dedication to clients.

Integrating creativity, intelligence, and technological prowess, Publicis Groupe Sri Lanka offers clients innovative ideas and unique consumer experiences that sets it apart from any other agency.

Publicis Groupe Sri Lanka brings together a powerful combination of marketing and communications capabilities with its agencies Leo Burnett, MSL, Digitas, Content Factory, Starcom and Saatchi and Saatchi, all under one roof.

With these complimentary skillsets, Publicis Groupe Sri Lanka develops integrated marketing solutions that connects data, content, media, distribution, and transactions into seamless consumer experiences.

As a true network agency, Publicis Groupe Sri Lanka brings the best of global practices and expertise to the Sri Lankan market, ensuring that clients benefit from the latest industry trends, insights, and innovative approaches.

The commitment to staying ahead of the curve has been a driving force behind the Agency's success and its ability to consistently deliver impactful campaigns.

"We are incredibly proud to celebrate this significant milestone," said Sapna Seneviratne, Chief Executive Officer, Publicis Groupe, Sri Lanka.

"As we reflect on our 25-year history in Sri Lanka, we feel a deep sense of gratitude for our amazing clients, team members from the past and present, our production partners, and other collaborators.

We are believers in building relationships before building brands and we will continue to nurture strong lasting partnerships to make magic happen."

Reflecting on the agency's journey, she added, "Our 25th anniversary is a testament to our incredible resilience in the face of change.”

Publicis Groupe Sri Lanka's quarter-century anniversary milestone serves as a reminder of the agency's enduring legacy and unwavering commitment to excellence in the field of integrated marketing communications.

Sapna Seneviratne Chief Executive Officer Publicis Groupe SriLanka

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