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CRYSBRO’s ‘Haritha Sathkaraya’ initiative reiterates commitment towards a greener Sri Lanka

Tuesday, 17 August 2021 09:32

CRYSBRO Haritha Sathkaraya initiative reiterates commitment towards a greener Sri Lanka

Businesscafe - Affirming its deep commitment to drive sustainable, eco-friendly operations, Sri Lanka’s largest poultry producer CRYSBRO recently planted a ‘green belt’ of 250 Kaya and Mahogany trees surrounding its main processing plant in Gampola.

The initiative is a part of CRYSBRO’s long-standing project, ‘Haritha Sathkaraya’.

Launched at a time when Sri Lanka’s forest cover has been diminishing at an alarming rate to increase carbon emissions by 43%, Haritha Sathkaya is a clear testament to the company’s active drive towards preserving Sri Lanka’s rich environmental heritage while raising awareness and inspiring the nation and poultry farming itself, towards a more sustainable trajectory.

The project has so far lead to the planting of 3,500 saplings in major areas of the island.

“As Sri Lanka’s largest poultry producer, we have the ability and the responsibility to inspire positive choices at every level of Sri Lankan society.

We believe sustainable practices form a core part of poultry farming and integrates the three main goals of environmental health, social and economic equity and economic profitability, all pillars CRYSBRO actively work towards strengthening.

After all, it takes a healthy planet, fertile soil, fresh water and clean air to raise and produce the best chicken.

Therefore, we will continue to invest in significant strides towards minimizing negative environmental impact, which in turn will contribute towards the production of the finest, healthiest poultry for all Sri Lankans, remarked CRYSBRO Group HR and Admin Manager Ranjana Mahindasiri.

Through continuous innovation and strict adherence to the highest global standards, CRYSBRO is committed towards maintaining a zero-wastage policy throughout the end to end process of poultry production.

Among the many best practices conducted to comply with the ISO 9001:14000 standard requirements is the company’s active drive towards completely, purifying all its waste water before it is released back into the environment.

Further, CRYSBRO is currently researching towards a methodology on how waste bi-products can be repurposed.

The company also regularly leads strong initiatives to enhance awareness of environmental preservation amongst its large base of stakeholders.

As a major player in this swiftly progressing industry, CRYSBRO has so far made a significant contribution towards sustainable poultry production, which includes rural economic and social empowerment through its flagship CSR projects : Diri Saviya, Praja Aruna, Sisu Diriya, Suwa Shakthi, Haritha Sathkaraya, and CRYSBRO Next Champ.

Under the group’s ‘Diri Saviya’ program, the operations and lives of 1,200 maize and rice farmers, as well as 250 poultry smallholders, have been secured.

The program gives rural farmers access to a wealth of essential technical and infrastructural facilities to strengthen their operations, and allow them to sell their produce at market prices without the need for any intermediaries.

‘Sisu Diriya’, another of the company’s CSR pillars, has taken the initiative to provide books, gift vouchers, financial rewards and higher education scholarships to uplift the education performances of all children of CRYSBRO’s employees every year.

So far, 200 internships have been provided to students who have completed university or vocational, while support was given to complete their final year research projects.

Further, the company takes the initiative to organize art competitions and stage performance shows to offer them a platform to showcase their many talents.

‘Suwa Shakthi’, which focuses on health and wellbeing, has so far conducted 20 health camps and offered free medical checkups and medicine to all of CRYSBRO’s staffers and communities, while investing in the development of infrastructure facilities for disadvantaged hospitals in rural areas.

Further, CRYSBRO’s flagship CSR initiative, CRYSBRO Next Champ, recognizes, mentors, sponsors and rewards young sporting talent from all corners of the country, elevating them to victories at major international athletic platforms.

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