SLIIT's Interior Design degree offers holistic skills for innovative space making boosting international and local career prospects

 SLIIT s Interior Design degree offers holistic skills for innovative space making boosting international and local career prospects

Businesscafe - Understanding that design has a profound impact on society, and effective interior design the potential to change lives for the better, SLIIT School of Architecture offers students a BA (Hons) Interior Design degree program fully franchised from UK’s Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU).

The program develops students’ holistic skills to create innovative spaces boosting their international and local career prospects.

Notably, the School of Architecture currently runs two programmes comprising an undergraduate BSc (Hons) Architecture and MSc Architecture postgraduate degree.

Adding to the prestigious list is the BA (Hons) Interior Design, also affiliated with LJMU.

The Interior Design degree is a full-time 3-year programme conducted at the Studio facility of the Engineering building at the main Malabe campus and the expected cohort is 60 students.

Eligibility for the programmes requires three (03) passes obtained at the GCE (local) Advanced Level Examination or London Advanced Level examinations in any stream.

The School of Architecture at SLIIT will also conduct an aptitude test to shortlist students who will be eligible to undertake the course.

Students will have access and benefit from the very latest facilities including design studios, CAD workshop and fabrication workshop, engineering labs etc., to foster creative thinking and explore their design potential.

SLIIT School of Architecture aims to ensure these students are prepared to gain employment in any organisation internationally and locally.

By benchmarking learning outcomes, the students will be able to be employed worldwide as there is a high demand for high skilled professionals.

Unlike other interior design programmes, SLIIT students will receive access to staff and other students who are part of the SLIIT School of Architecture.

Design students will benefit by architecture students background and exposure to the design studios which will be used by both the architecture and design students.

Students receive the opportunity to work on authentic architectural projects, and access to tutoring from an experienced faculty of lectures who are architects and interior designers.

In addition, practicing architects and interior designers will be visiting the school for further knowledge sharing.

An added feature of the Interior Design programme is where students through the School’s Computer Lab are able to obtain different hands-on skills testing software used in the industry.

Faculty-led field visits will ensure the students receive first-hand knowledge about existing buildings and the different types of existing buildings in various locations.

The experience offers students a broader approach into an Interior design project not just as space planning.

The curriculum also provides a background for architectural styles in buildings to enable their knowledge.

Students will gain valuable experience by working on refitting and extending the life of existing buildings, on interiors of existing buildings, refitting existing old historical buildings to extend the lives and also working on interior projects.

Visiting Architects and interior designers are scheduled to visit the Design Studio and share their knowledge and skills including design ideas, skills related to model making CAD, modelling 2D presentations etc.

Further, students will gain experience in applying their creative solutions by engaging in hands-on practical carpentry and metal work through workshop facilities available in the university.

The workshops will also have induction sessions on health and safety standards enabling students to easily adapt and comply with industry requirements locally and internationally.

Importantly, students gain skills to communicate their creative solutions with confidence.

The Interior Design programme ensures students develop their communication, presentation, and verbal skills and also skills related to writing reports and model making as these are necessary aptitudes when meeting the needs of employers across the world and to shine in the industry.


“As part of the inaugural batch of the SLIIT School of Architecture in 2016 I graduated in 2018.

I received a prestigious international scholarship through LJMU and received the opportunity to work in a multitude of projects across many cities in the UK. After completing my master’s degree, I came back to serve my country.

I have joined the academia and currently serve my school, the SLIIT School of Architecture as a lecturer.

During my tenure as a student at SLIIT and as part of many teams, we have participated in many international competitions and won recognition for our creative talents.

The SLIIT School of Architecture provides a state-of-the-art studio, among the largest in the country, equipped with all the required facilities.

Throughout our comprehensive three-year programme, we were able to enhance our design skills in all areas and gained vast knowledge including necessary IT capabilities.

The three-year programme was mesmerising, and we received the opportunity to visit many different locations, locally and overseas, through field visits.

As part of my internship, I joined a renowned architectural firm locally and was involved in multitudes of projects.

Through SLIIT I gained several skills set, time management, leadership, especially the use of software and other skills necessary for the industry which was extremely beneficial during my professional placement.”

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