English classes for kids Colombo with Royal Institute

Monday, 14 November 2022 03:14

English classes for kids Colombo with Royal Institute

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Every parents wish is to give the best for the children, and as an leading international school in Sri Lanka Royal Institute is very much aware about the thoughts and the expectations of our beloved parents whereas we are happy to let you know that your kids have the right opportunity at Royal Institute Colombo now where you can get a qualified and an effective learning and development for your kids.

The English classes that we conduct for kids are specially designed with a series of valid programs that your kids will be enjoying the learning throughout the program.

We will give a special and personalized attention to each kid and so as we are planning to monitor them by evaluating their performance, learning speed, and progress individually and our skillful teachers are very much experienced to identify the learnings gaps of the kids and fix them immediately with more pragmatic solutions.

Most English courses offer in Sri Lanka only giving the written practice for kids.

But as a matured educational mentor Royal Institute has identified the prevailing challenges facing by the students and the parents at the context of Sri Lanka that made us plan our learning programs in better way by covering a wider area inclusive of speaking, pronunciation, reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary etc.

Our English program is designed by aiming the students in the age category of 1 to 13 years.

Therefore, the content of the program is meant to offer a better development for our kids.

We have introduced interesting recognition program as well for our students where we will motivate them in learning English by offering them a valid certificate as an appreciation.

Royal Institute Colombo will also conduct certain placements tests at different stages during the program that will help to evaluate the proficiency of English level.

The course components are consisting with a great variety of activities that will expand the opportunities to practice the basic vocabulary, grammar structures and verbally practice.

The linguistic area will be covered by engaging the students in the designed activities that will improve their vocabulary knowledge, grammar and speaking knowledge.

The right pronunciation is also important that must fix at the young age but an area that is often neglected by most English courses offer in Sri Lanka.

We believe this would be an essential element for our kids to practice comprehensible English with an international exposure.

The teaching processes aiming the kids should be customized that will ongoingly engage them in learning.

Royal Institute Colombo arranged some interesting sessions to involve the students continuously for the learning with a lot of amusing program.

Play and learn would be the best technique to engage the students in better learning and so as Royal Institute Colombo is ready to produce a better learning environment for the kids.

For more information on English class - https://royalinstitute.org/english-for-juniors/

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