LAN and Ladies’ College partner for the school’s ‘Building Future Leaders’ program

LAN and Ladies College partner for the school s Building Future Leaders Program

Businesscafe - The Lankan Angel Network (LAN) recently partnered with Ladies’ College, Colombo for the school’s innovative “Building Future Leaders” program.

This is Sri Lanka’s first structured initiative to bring in corporate leaders, business professionals, and partners from various industry and corporate bodies, to share their experience and impart important skills which will enable the future success of these secondary school students who are at a pivotal point in their lives.

Initiated and driven by Ladies’ College Colombo, with LAN providing access to its network and expertise; “Building Future Leaders” highlights the importance of a holistic education and life skills, along with business networking, to better educate students about the new horizons available to them in terms of career opportunities within both traditional and non-traditional fields.

LAN, in collaboration with its distinguished partners Ceylon Chamber of Commerce (CCC), American Chamber of Commerce in Sri Lanka (AMCHAM), Great Places to Work (GPTW), AICPA & CIMA, additionally delivered mentoring and professional support, including offering up some highly sought after speakers, for this program.

“Shaping our future is best achieved by giving our young students every opportunity to redefine their lives by equipping them to make passionate and unique contributions that rely on creativity, courage, confidence and integrity,” opined Ms. Deepika Dassanaike, Principal of Ladies’ College Colombo. She also noted;

“The ‘Building Future Leaders’ program at Ladies' College is proving to be invaluable since it not only encourages our students to ruminate on their true potential, but it also enlightens them to a number of futuristic career paths.

Beyond that, our students have also been emboldened as a result of the program bringing in a variety of inspiring and highly successful Sri Lankan leaders from multiple fields.

We are not just helping them prepare for a bright and constructive future ahead, but also equipping them with both professional and entrepreneurial skills; making their overall education prior to leaving school a truly holistic, all-encompassing experience.”

Professor Malik Ranasinghe, Chairperson of People Development Committee of Ceylon Chamber of Commerce commenting on the program said,

“We are passionate about building an employable pool of future talent in Sri Lanka and we are positive that this change must start in an early stage and hence this program was initiated”.

Positive feedback about the program piloted at Ladies’ College Colombo has given LAN and its partners the confidence to explore deploying this holistic career development program at other secondary schools.

Attempts to further integrate programs like these into the national school curriculums, at earlier levels, will help build the foundations of leadership into Sri Lankan society.

It is also hoped that such programs will prove critical for children to experience first-hand the many different varieties of career opportunities available to them, paving the way for a brighter future.

And by pushing for its adoption within the national educational system in the near future, these initiatives will help ensure that no child is left behind due to a lack of opportunity.

Commenting on the “Building Future Leaders” program, LAN Chairperson & Axiata Digital Labs Chief Peoples Officer Ms. Chandi Dharmaratne emphasized the program’s focus on holistic education, as well as its offered invaluable exposure to industry experts and leaders.

“We celebrate the success of the Building Future Leaders program at Ladies College Colombo, spearheaded by Professor Malik Ranasinghe - Ceylon Chamber of Commerce and the Lankan Angel Network.

This initiative has provided students with the unique opportunity to explore various industries, professions, competencies, and skills, allowing them to make informed decisions about their future pursuits.

Through interactive sessions and expert-led discussions, the program has equipped students with valuable insights and networking opportunities, empowering them to confidently embark on their chosen paths.”

Ms. Dharmaratne further highlighted the program's focus on networking and fostering connections, empowering students to become well-informed about industry requirements.

And she also added that by developing essential skills and competencies necessary to overcome entry barriers in their chosen fields, the program has laid a strong foundation for students' professional journeys with a bright promise for their future.

A platform for angel and private investors who invest in high-growth early-stage Sri Lankan ventures with the goal of creating an impact by reducing inequality, LAN, in addition to being led by a woman, features four other female board members and patrons, which is significantly more than in other Sri Lankan corporates.

Supporting trailblazing programs such as the “Building Future Leaders” series, at Ladies’ College Colombo, strongly aligns with LAN’s own ongoing commitment to empowering Sri Lanka’s Women Entrepreneurs.

“It was truly a privilege and honour to work with Ms. Chandi Dharmaratne who, upon our invitation, has brought to this program a vision, as well as the involvement of a high calibre of professionals, that have inspired our girls,” said Ms. Taanya Tranchell, Career Guidance Counsellor at Ladies’ College Colombo.

Additionally, she commented; “I am also deeply grateful to Ms. Thinushka Gunasekara who came onboard to support this project and worked hard to give our students this opportunity.

At a time when young people have to really work hard to find their way in the world, the knowledge and exposure the ‘Building Future Leaders’ program gave them is definitely a huge boost to their future!

I hope many more schools will introduce this program as a catalyst to enriching their students with key life skills and knowledge before releasing them into the world!”

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