SLIIT MSc Programmes empower professionals with industry-relevant courses to unlock new opportunities

SLIIT MSc Programmes empower professionals with industry relevant courses to unlock new opportunities

Businesscafe - Providing students, the platform to expand their horizons, enhance skills and extend their qualifications, the Master of Science (MSc) programmes at SLIIT offers the ideal solution to empower professionals with industry-relevant courses to unlock new opportunities.

SLIIT offers a variety of MSc programmes such as the MSc in Information Technology, Information Management, Information Systems, Information Technology Specialising in Cyber Security and Information Technology Specialising in Enterprise Applications Development.

All programmes which are structured under the SLIIT Faculty of Graduate Studies, are approved by the University Grants Commission (UGC) and the Ministry of Education, in Sri Lanka. SLIIT is also a member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU) and International Association of Universities (IAU).

Leveraging its membership in the ACU and IAU, SLIIT offers globally recognized, academically rigorous MSc programmes aligned with international best practices, providing students with a competitive edge and positioning them for success in their respective fields.

The MSc in Information Technology offers advanced knowledge and skills across Software Engineering, Computer Networks, e-business Technologies, Database Management, and Business Information Systems.

It equips students to tackle current and future IT developments, preparing them for roles in the information-driven economy and government agencies.

Tailored for IT, Computer Science, and Software Engineering graduates, the programmmes fosters the development of future digital business leaders proficient in leveraging technology for business growth.

SLIIT's MSc in Information Management MSc in Information Management equips students with skills to integrate IT and business strategies.

It develops expertise in IT strategic planning, information literacy, and applying tools/technologies for secure information management within organizations.

The programme cultivates critical thinking leveraging modern ICT for strategic decision-making and IT infrastructure management.

Tailored for IT graduates and professionals, it prepares participants for the digital business landscape by imparting knowledge to evaluate, select and implement appropriate information management methods and technologies.

The MSc in Information Systems focuses on key IT areas such as project management, emerging technologies, and IT governance.

It equips students with skills in managing business processes through ICT and information systems.

The programme also imparts transferable skills in problem-solving, collaboration, and project management.

Graduates can pursue roles such as management consultant, systems analyst/designer, IT infrastructure manager, business analyst, data architect. IS Lead Auditor, Chief Information Officer, Chief Knowledge Officer, Chief Privacy Officer, and Project Manager.

The MSc in Information Technology specialising in Cyber Security aims to tackle the global issue of cyber threats.

The growing dependence on online services has increased the need for a secure digital economy.

The rise in cyber attacks has created an urgent demand for specialists in this field.

Graduates are expected to have the skills to develop and maintain secure computing infrastructure, manage cyber threats, and handle data access in a distributed network.

The MSc in Information Technology specialising in Enterprise Applications Development is aimed at aspiring Software Architects.

It provides Software Engineers and Developers with the skills needed for large scale software projects.

This postgraduate degree meets the career advancement needs of practicing software professionals.

The MSc programmes at SLIIT follow a comprehensive scholastic approach that strikes a fine balance between theoretical rigor and practical exposure.

SLIIT places strong emphasis on hands-on experience, enabling students to acquire real-world skills and insights.

It is also complemented by the world class research-driven culture and conducive learning environment.

SLIIT MSc programmes offer a unique postgraduate experience that equips students to tackle contemporary challenges in the professional sphere and embark on successful careers.

In addition, SLIIT's graduate studies programmes are committed to advancing original research and discovering new knowledge.

Endeavours are focused on the development of key areas, with the aim of providing meaningful solutions to current industry challenges.

These solutions have the potential to evolve into emerging technologies.

Thus, SLIIT research initiatives are not limited but also extends beyond, targeting the commercialization of research outcomes, the nurturing of startups, and collaborative partnerships with relevant industries.

Through these collaborations, SLIIT conducts industry-focused research of high national value while maintaining a global perspective.

All of SLIIT’s MSc programmes seek to guide students to reach their maximum potential, enabling them to learn and grow on a lifelong career.

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