Sri Lanka’s RAGA Sparkling Kithul Toddy Gains Celebrity Following in Australia

Wednesday, 03 August 2022 03:30

Sri Lanka s RAGA Sparkling Kithul Toddy Gains Celebrity Following in Australia

Businesscafe - Innovative Sri Lankan produce and beverage exporter, Agri Deshiya’s RAGA Sparkling Kithul Toddy has attracted celebrity attention in one of its key overseas markets, Australia, after famous football star, Ben Long, recently tried this new trendy beverage.

Upon tasting this native Sri Lankan beverage, produced to international standards, and which is now available in Melbourne, Australia, Mr. long, a player representing St. Kilda Football Club in the Australian Football League, has become a dedicated fan.

In fact, RAGA Sparkling Kithul Toddy has become quite the hot item about town in Melbourne recently, as more and more locals try this traditional Sri Lankan brew and fall in love with its refreshing and unique flavour.

“Mr Long was quick to express his fondness for this newfound 100% authentic Sri Lankan beverage,” said a representative for Kingston Cellars in Australia, the distributor of RAGA beverages in that country, “One chilled can of RAGA Sparkling Kithul Toddy, and Ben Long became an immediate fan.

He is now, not just tremendously impressed with the taste of kithul toddy, but has also become very interested in learning about how kithul sap is harvested, and the myriad of health benefits of kithul, including boosting energy, helping weight loss, regulating blood pressure, migraine relief and improved digestive and respiratory health.”

Toddy, from both the kithul and coconut palms, have been consumed in Sri Lanka since ancient times, and has been coveted by manual labourers and agricultural and other blue-collar workers for decades, even centuries.

However, it is Agri Deshiya’s Founder and Chairman, Prabath de Alwis’s ingenuity and passion for innovation and combining traditional techniques with modern technology, which has helped to refine and transform this traditional beverage into a trendy modern brew that is enjoyed worldwide today.

Commenting on the success of the RAGA range of beverages, Mr. de Alwis said,

“We have natural agricultural produce in Sri Lanka, such as kithul, which are unique in the world.

Thus, our goal is to use our ingenuity and expertise to put Sri Lanka on the map, by exporting unique products the world has never seen.

This kind of innovation is what can help us to use the natural bounty we have been blessed with in Sri Lanka to delight the world and bring home much needed foreign exchange to support our economy, our communities and our national aspirations.

The kithul industry has been in decline for years, but we are changing this by breathing new life into this age-old traditional beverage, while also constantly innovating to create new and amazing products fit for the global market using Sri Lankan produce, traditional techniques and cutting-edge technology and processes.

We invite local authorities and all Sri Lankans to support our local value-added agricultural produce and industries so that we can truly put Sri Lanka on the map and attract revenue and investments to build a sustainable, strong and economically independent Sri Lanka.”

RAGA Sparkling Kithul Toddy is manufactured by Agri Deshiya (Private) Limited and is presently exported to Australia, New Zealand, the UAE, UK and South Korea, and available locally in Sri Lanka at all leading supermarkets and selected wine stores.

For availability and more information, please visit or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or telephone 070 545 0468.

About Agri Deshiya / RAGA Ceylon

Agri Deshiya (Private) Limited (RAGA Ceylon) is a manufacturer and exporter of Sri Lankan produce and beverages and is the embodiment of a communal desire to be of service to people, to mother earth, and to provide a fair share for all stakeholders.

The Company intends to benefit all stakeholders by operating with minimal carbon emissions, while respecting the planet and maintaining the highest quality standards.

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