YARA Foods launch ‘Shilpabhisheka’ project to boost Sri Lanka’s Coconut Triangle

Saturday, 25 March 2023 02:22

 YARA Foods launch Shilpabhisheka project to boost Sri Lanka s Coconut Triangle

Businesscafe - YARA Foods, a subsidiary of Kandetiya Agro Products (KAP), Sri Lanka’s number one exporter of coconut cream announced the continued progress and implementation of additional facets to the ‘Shilpabhisheka’ project which as a whole invests in the future of communities located within Sri Lanka’s Coconut Triangle - Gampaha, Puttalam and Kurunegala.

The project aims to support over 1,500 students over a period of five [05] years by facilitating their academic progress with the overarching goal of one day contributing to the economy of Sri Lanka.

‘Shilpabhisheka’ will act as a platform for YARA Foods (and their business partners) to aid in bridging the growing gap in the transmission of resources and knowledge to schools and other academic institutions in rural areas of Sri Lanka.

In order to ensure that students in these rural areas are given the opportunity to reach their fullest potential, the project aims to provide support via scholarship campaigns, iInfrastructure development programs, career Guidance Sessions, soft Skills Development Programs (including Mentoring, English Language, Leadership sessions and Competitions in speech, debate, essay writing), sports Skills Development Programs and students' Nutrition Improving Campaigns.

Speaking with CEO, Kandetiya Agro Products (Pvt) Ltd - Shimzar Ajeez, stated:

“As a company, our aim is to enhance the lives of both the community and farmers.

We chose education as a means to give back, as we believe it is a powerful tool that can improve the lives of the present community and future generations.

We have continuously made contributions in various forms and have now created a platform, Shilpabhisheka, to allow our business partners to contribute as well.

As part of the YARA Foods promise - the company focuses on the economic, health and educational development of employees and their families, utilising various methods of CSR activities and community-empowering programmes.

These past and ongoing projects include the maintenance of electrical appliances of Maiandra Hospital since 2017, reforestation projects at the Pannala forest, the provision of Agri tools for farmers, etc.

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