Ceylon Hibiscus becomes the first Sri Lankan Company to cultivate export-quality Roselle Hibiscus Tea

Ceylon Hibiscus Founder Mr. D. N. Silva

Businesscafe - In a remarkable feat of innovation and perseverance, Ceylon Hibiscus (Pvt) Ltd, founded by Mr. D. N. Silva in 2021, has emerged as a trailblazer in the cultivation of Roselle Hibiscus sabdariffa in Sri Lanka.

As a versatile and nutrient-rich plant, Roselle Hibiscus continues to captivate markets globally, fuelling its reputation as a wonder plant with immense economic and health-related significance.

Overcoming numerous obstacles and challenges, the company has not only introduced this magical plant to the island nation but has also become the first to produce export-quality Roselle Hibiscus products using their very own Roselle Hibiscus plants grown on Sri Lankan soil, marking a significant milestone in the country’s agricultural history.

Before venturing into the world of agriculture, Mr. Silva pursued a successful career as a professional artist, showcasing his talents and creativity on canvas.

However, driven by a desire to make a tangible impact on his community and the environment, he embarked on a new path, determined to revolutionise Sri Lanka’s agricultural landscape.

The journey of Ceylon Hibiscus (Pvt) Ltd has been one of relentless experimentation and dedication.

Faced with the task of introducing Roselle Hibiscus to Sri Lanka’s unique climate, the company underwent a series of trials and experiments to perfect the cultivation process.

Their efforts were a great success, as they now boast a thriving cultivation operation that produces Roselle Hibiscus of unparalleled quality. Renowned for its numerous health benefits, Roselle Hibiscus is a magical plant that has captured the attention of consumers worldwide, particularly in Europe and the Middle East.

With its rich antioxidant properties and versatile applications, Roselle Hibiscus has become a sought-after commodity in the global market.

Ceylon Hibiscus (Pvt) Ltd currently has a herbal tea product under the brand name “TehRos”, a cocktail drink mix under the brand name “RedRos” and a Jam under the brand name “Rosberry”.

All the products have been tested and approved by the food testing unit in Gannoruwa and the Roselle tea has been further tested by the ITI for its nutritional value.

Beyond its health benefits, the cultivation of Roselle Hibiscus represents a significant economic opportunity for Sri Lanka.

Ceylon Hibiscus (Pvt) Ltd’s endeavors have not only created employment opportunities but also contributed to the country’s export revenue, showcasing the potential of agricultural innovation to drive economic growth.

However, the journey has not been without its challenges.

Despite the promise of the project, Ceylon Hibiscus (Pvt) Ltd encountered difficulties in securing sufficient land space from authorities, highlighting the need for greater support for agricultural initiatives in the country.

Undeterred, the company forged ahead, fully funding the project privately and seeking guidance from the Agriculture Department in Gannoruwa.

In its quest for excellence, Ceylon Hibiscus (Pvt) Ltd is currently in the process of obtaining ISO 22000 standards for its factory, a testament to its commitment to producing export-quality products for global markets.

With a specific focus on the United Kingdom and Europe, the company is poised to capitalise on the high demand for Sri Lankan-grown Roselle Hibiscus in these regions.

Looking to the future, Ceylon Hibiscus (Pvt ) Ltd has set its sights on the international stage, with ambitions to take Sri Lankan-grown Roselle Hibiscus to markets around the world.

With its dedication to quality, innovation, and sustainability, the company is well-positioned to establish itself as a leader in the global horticultural industry, showcasing the best of Sri Lanka’s agricultural produce to the world.

Photo Caption - Ceylon Hibiscus Founder Mr. D. N. Silva

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