EatMealFirst started the New Year 2021 with New Goals for Growth!

Wednesday, 20 January 2021 16:28

EatMealFirst started the New Year 2021 with New Goals for Growth

The Business plan for 2021~2022 of the Thinksmart Solutions (Pvt) Ltd. growing end-to-end IT services company was announced on 4th January, 2021 to all staff attending in person in compliance with COVID-19 guidelines and through ZOOM virtual meetings.

EatMealFirst is one of the companies in Sri Lanka that started the "Work From Home” concept in their HR strategy from the inception.

This has helped the company to adapt to the current situations and the company management was able to manage the work during the pandemic hit period without any hassle.

The Founder/Director, Chinthaka Wijesuriya presented the Business plan and explained the importance of carrying out work as a team with the participation of the Technical, Sales & Marketing and the operation team.

EatMealFirst believes strongly that the best HR practices are the key to success.

Attitude of staff has been encouraged to create a unique work culture at EatMealFirst.

Empowering employees to make decisions in meeting business goals with the open and fun type culture had provided a great impact to the success of the business.

This awareness session was able to educate the workforce on the need for both effective communication and key performance indicators (KPIs) to be strategically aligned to the business goals, to reach critical objectives.

Operational targets and customer measurements, feedback with KPI’s were well defined and communicated to the staff.

CEO/Co-Founder Lakshman Joseph thanked all the staff for their untiring commitment and dedication shown during the challenging period to continue the operations without any failures.

Our operations team worked with curfew passes to serve the customers in meeting all the challenges during the pandemic period.

2021 business objectives mainly focus on customer experience management, market expansion and adding several features to make customers feel more excited and friendly.

EatMealFirst is very confident about the growth and believes that there is enough space available to grow the market in Sri Lanka.

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