Uber Eats delivery partners awarded for service to the country during the pandemic

 businesscafe Uber Eats delivery partners awarded for service to the country during the pandemic

Businesscafe - Uber Eats presented delivery partners with a variety of home appliances such as TVs, microwaves, refrigerators, washing machines and even a motorcycle to recognize their efforts for keeping vital supply lines open through the pandemic.

The top award of a brand new motorcycle at the Uber Eats ‘Delivery Bonanza’ was won by Neil De Lille from Colombo based on the number of trips and customer service he provided.

Six awards were won by female Diviyata Diriya delivery partners, and other winners included those who were also highly engaged on the platform.

A special gift was also given to Sirajudeen Mohammed Shazin, the first delivery partner on the Uber Eats platform in Sri Lanka.

Delivery partners stayed out even during curfews and took on additional risks to ensure residents got essential supplies delivered to their doorsteps.

Their service to the country helped Sri Lanka arrest the spread of COVID-19.

Speaking about the awards, Bhavna Dadlani, Lead- Uber Eats, Sri Lanka said, “The level of customer care and support provided by delivery partners since we started operations over two years ago has been exceptional.

They exemplify Sri Lanka’s spirit of always finding different ways to succeed.

The efforts of delivery partners during the pandemic, when they closely supported healthcare professionals and our armed forces in helping Sri Lanka contain the virus has been widely recognized.

These awards are a token of our appreciation for their commitment to the country.’’

The Uber Eats ‘Delivery Bonanza’ was staged to inspire, encourage and empower delivery partners to leverage the app’s services to obtain flexible earning opportunities, thereby providing them financial stability and independence.


Businesscafe Image - Award Winner Neil De Lile

Last modified on Sunday, 07 March 2021 13:01