Serendib Flour Mills celebrates the contributions of their “round-the-clock” workforce on World Flour Day 2021

Saturday, 20 March 2021 05:40

businesscafe Serendib Flour Mills celebrates the contributions of their round the clock workforce on World Flour Day 2021

Businesscafe - Serendib Flour Mills, one of the most trusted wheat flour product suppliers in Sri Lanka, celebrates World Flour Day 2021 by felicitating their “round-the-clock” workforce who have been working tirelessly since the first lockdown triggered by the pandemic to ensure a steady supply of flour to all of Sri Lanka.

On 20th March, World Flour Day 2021 celebrates all types of professionals associated with flour under the motto “White Gold: A tribute to flour heroes all over the world”.

This day is dedicated to one of the most important foods of humankind, a staple that has nourished people every day for millennia, contributing to health, well-being and prosperity.

Wheat is known for its rich nutritional content and is packed with essential vitamins and minerals.

For centuries, foods made from wheat grain have helped to support the health, nourishment and well-being of people, enabling them to fight lifestyle diseases and live wholesome and productive lives.

Wheat is rich in minerals such as salts, calcium, magnesium, vitamin B and vitamin E and these nutrients help to combat gastrointestinal conditions, skin diseases and even respiratory illnesses.

Fortified wheat flour products also contain additional essential nutrients such as iron and folic acid that can help the growth and development of children and also ensure the well-being of expecting mothers.

From the onset of the pandemic Serendib Flour Mills ensured that the adverse situation in the country did not negatively impact the operations of the mill which ran around the clock.

The entire SFM workforce, consisting of mill/factory workers as well as distributors, sales, distribution and technical staff, worked determinedly while also adhering to strict COVID-19 health guidelines.

During the early days of the pandemic, SFM was awarded the SLS 1672:2020 "COVID-19 Safety Management Systems" certification from the Sri Lanka Standards Institution (SLSI) for its mill facility further confirming the company’s commitment towards maintaining the highest standard of quality and safety.

As a result of such collective efforts, the company was able to continue to offer a wide range of wheat flour products, including its flagship brand 7 Star Flour, throughout the lockdown period, all of which cater to diverse dietary preferences and help in nourishing the nation.

As Serendib Flour Mills celebrates the second World Flour Day, it glances back at the challenging year behind it in order to recognise and appreciate the hard work and commitment demonstrated by all its employees during the pandemic.

The entire team worked hard around the clock and was determined to ensure that Serendib flour was available around the country to nourish the nation.

This resulted in families around Sri Lanka having enough flour to turn to home baking to meet their food requirements and even learn new baking skills during the lockdown.

Serendib Flour Mills (SFM) is a BOI approved Flagship project funded by a renowned UAE investor, the Al Ghurair. SFM provides high quality, nutritious and a wide variety of wheat flour products to bakers, eateries, hotels, households, industries and consumers across Sri Lanka.

Operating from a state-of-the-art milling facility at the Colombo Port, SFM adheres to the highest standards of quality and safety.

The company has received ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 22000:2005, FSSC 22000, and BS OSHAS 18001:2007 certifications and also makes continuous efforts to minimize its impact on the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and waste whilst championing energy and water conservation throughout its operations.

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