Dr. Kishu Gomes appointed Chairman of Exterminators PLC

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 Kishu Gomes appointed Chairman of Exterminators PLC

Businesscafe - Exterminators PLC, Asia's first publicly listed, great place to work certified pest management and environmental enhancement technology company, is delighted to announce the appointment of Dr. Kishu Gomes as its chairman with effect from February 8, 2024.

Dr. Kishu Gomes is a corporate leader with an impressive track record, having held leadership positions in both multinational corporations and local conglomerates.

His tenure as Chairman of Exterminators PLC is a significant milestone for the company, as it marks the beginning of a new chapter under his guidance and leadership.

Dr. Gomes has a wealth of experience in the corporate world, having been awarded numerous accolades and recognition for his exemplary performance and leadership.

His experience as the youngest Asian CEO to head a truly American multinational, Chevron Lubricants Lanka PLC and Chevron Ceylon Ltd, and his extended leadership role in the global lubricant operation demonstrate his capability to lead and drive growth in the global context.

His achievements at Chevron, including setting performance records such as number one on return on capital employed, number one dividend payer, and most profitable listed entity on the Colombo Stock Exchange, speak to his ability to deliver exceptional business performance.

Dr. Kishu Gomes' early career with Coca-Cola and his instrumental role in the company's market leadership transformation in Sri Lanka showcases his strategic thinking and marketing acumen.

His international exposure with Coke in Singapore and Vietnam, as well as his tenure as the Chairman of Sri Lanka Tourism following the industry's recovery from the Easter Attack, further highlight his versatility and ability to navigate challenging situations.

Dr. Kishu Gomes has probably been awarded the highest number of individual performance awards as a corporate leader in Sri Lanka, which include the Inaugural Best Marketer by the Chartered Institute of Marketing, the Inaugural Best Young Corporate Director by the Sri Lanka Institute of Directors, the TOYP Award for Excellence in Business Leadership, the Best Business Leader in Sri Lanka by the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, the Most Outstanding Sri Lankan Award by Lions International, and the Best Business Leader in Sri Lanka by the Human Rights Organisation.

In addition to his corporate leadership, Dr. Kishu Gomes has made substantial contributions to national initiatives, serving on high-level expert committees, and shaping the country's sustainable development vision and strategy.

His leadership role in various organisations, including the American Chamber of Commerce in Sri Lanka, the Chartered Institute of Marketing, and the Sri Lanka Institute of Directors, reflects his commitment to contributing for the growth and development of the business community.

Dr. Kishu Gomes' academic achievements, including two conferred doctorates and MBA and marketing degrees from the UK, underscore his dedication to continuous learning and professional development.

His expertise as a speaker, columnist, and TV personality has further established his influence and reach across different spheres of society, making him a widely respected figure in the corporate world and beyond.

Dr Gomes is the current Group Managing Director/CEO of Dreamron Group of Companies and serves on the Technical Advisory Committee of Sri-Lanka Tourism.

The appointment of Dr. Kishu Gomes as the Chairman of Exterminators PLC signifies the company's strategic decision to leverage his wealth of experience and expertise to drive its transformation into a global environmental technology brand.

His appointment is expected to bring about a fresh perspective and strategic direction for the company as it seeks to digitalize the pest management industry and harness smart technologies in South Asia and emerging markets.

“I’m very excited about this appointment and would dedicate myself in driving the company forward in respect of performance, conformance and compliance in a sustainable manner, adding value not only to the shareholders of the company but to the country as whole via an industry that has tremendous growth potential within & beyond Sri-Lanka.

I shall use my diverse portfolio of knowledge and skills in guiding and aiding the company down the right strategic direction and well aligned execution nurturing values for Exterminators PLC to be the most admired business entity across relevant industries.” Dr. Kishu Gomes stated.

As the Founder and the Managing Director of Exterminators PLC, Marlon Ferreira expresses his delight and honour in having Dr. Kishu Gomes lead the company.

The appointment of Dr. Kishu Gomes as Chairman of Exterminators PLC marks a significant moment in the company's journey, signalling a new phase of growth and innovation under his leadership.

His remarkable track record, extensive experience, and multifaceted expertise position him as an invaluable asset in guiding the company forward.

As Exterminators PLC embarks on this new chapter, the anticipation is high for the dynamic and transformative future ahead under Dr. Gomes' leadership.

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