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Businesscafe - Business success often rests on being able to make a great presentation.

Whether it is to buy your product or service, invest in your company or support your project, you need to be able to capture your audience’s hearts and minds before they open their wallets.

Show & Tell is Sri Lanka’s first and only dedicated communication agency specializing in presentations-based communication material, working in partnership with their clients to create dynamic and powerful presentations that are convincing and captivating.

With over 200 presentations under their belt, Show & Tell has earned its reputation as the go-to people for superior presentations.

Show & Tell use their specialized skillset to help their clients transform their current pitch so that they major on clarity, brand impact and visual magnetism.

They also strategize with their clients to craft meaningful and powerful presentation that will resonate with their target audience.

Show & Tell has discovered the secret to a great presentation is to connect with your audience with empathy and emotion and taking them on a journey towards a solution.

“We are a communication agency, not a design agency,” said Mafaz Ifharm, Chief Storyteller & Co-Founder of Show & Tell.

“If you just want prettier slides, we are probably not the right people.

But if you care about getting the right message out, then we can help you.

This year we are particularly focusing on ‘equipping people to present with passion’ as we believe that companies should invest in presentations that help their teams tap into their passion.”

Show & Tell recently launched its own training programs offering pragmatic business-focused communication and design tips for the employees (no design skills required).

This 8-week program is a hands on training where participants learn by doing how to create compelling presentations in terms of content and design.

Those who attend these workshops will benefit from the knowledge and experience of Mafaz, who has worked for many years in leadership positions in communication and design.

Since launching the company in 2015, he has personally been involved in designing and reimagining presentations for over 60 clients in USA, UK and Sri Lanka, including investment pitches whose cumulative fund-raising targets were equal to USD 95M.

Mafaz was formerly the CEO of a creative digital agency, and before then oversaw marketing and sales for a leading IT solutions company.

In his professional career, he has been involved in presenting to many high-profile brands and closing several big-ticket projects for his companies.

A Toastmaster of 8 years and a popular keynote speaker in the Toastmasters movement, Mafaz is a passionate communicator and leader.

He has been involved in trainings for several leading brands in his various professional and volunteering capacities.

Mafaz is a resource person for ICTA’s Startup Competition (Spiralation) and has conducted trainings for IEEE Innovation Nation.

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