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MAS Continues to Collaborate with Authorities to Safeguard Employees in Thulhiriya

MAS Holdings

Businesscafe - Regarding recent reports surrounding the closure of one its facilities in Thulhiriya, MAS reiterates that the company is proactively working with the Government Health Authorities in a transparent and cooperative manner.

The facility was closed by MAS based on PCR test results revealing 380 positive employees at the plant, while 1,505 employees tested negative in an aggressive testing programme initiated by the Company.

These tests were carried out by a Government approved private hospital, and all results have been provided to the local authorities.

The facility will only be reopened after consultation with the local health authorities and after the prescribed sanitization procedures are completed.

All information and data requested by the Health Ministry as well as the Labour Ministry regarding the Thulhiriya facility and its health protocols have been handed over and the Company will cooperate fully with any further requests.

Commenting on the situation at Thulhiriya, the company spokesperson stated:

“We have seen recently during this third wave of COVID-19, that the number of employees testing positive increases directly in line with the absolute number of tests conducted at certain plants.

After the recent developments at the Thulhiriya facility, MAS consulted with the Director General of Health Services to determine the recommended way forward in such situations as well as the level of testing that is to be carried out at our plants during the ongoing 3rd wave”.

Care Centres were established by MAS during the early stages of the pandemic, and employees and family members who have tested positive for COVID-19 are transferred to MAS Care Centres and other approved centres, while their medical and daily needs, as well as those of their families, are attended to by the Company.

All the company’s 48 facilities in Sri Lanka strictly adhere to the COVID-19 prevention guidelines and protocols established by the Ministry of Health, and function under the close supervision of the local health authorities.

All COVID-19 related testing is conducted by either the MOH or through Government approved private hospitals, and all results and reports are made available to the MOH/PHI.

As such, there can be no instances where these records are withheld or under-reported.

MAS continues to collaborate with all the relevant authorities and holds the health and well-being of employees and the safety of the communities it operates in as its highest priorities.

Last modified on Monday, 24 May 2021 11:54