Soorya unveils distinct new Sambrani, promoting local heritage and wellbeing

Monday, 12 February 2024 13:43

Soorya unveils distinct new Sambrani promoting local heritage and wellbeing

Businesscafe - Soorya, a trusted heritage and household brand of Sun Match Company with a legacy of over 40 years, has proudly announced the launch of its latest offering – Soorya Sambrani, continuing the age-old tradition of burning medicinal resin to purify air, remove negative energy and promote wellbeing.

The unveiling of the new Sambrani product took center stage at The Grand Kandyan Hotel recently. Senior representatives from the company, including Silver Screen Idol Yashodha Wimaladharma, the brand ambassador, were present at the occasion, interacting with the Soorya distributors and dealers.

"As a trusted brand for over 40 years, we wanted to make this ancient wellness practice easier to follow for modern families and introduce it to new customers.

Our new Sambrani range helps everyone to enjoy spiritual and health benefits, in line with Soorya's commitment to tradition and integrating daily routines," said Ms. Gowri Rajan, Director and Chief Marketing Officer, Sun Match Company.

"The launch of Soorya Sambrani demonstrates the brand's dedication to providing quality products that resonate with the cultural and spiritual practices of the community."

Sambrani, an integral part of Sri Lankan culture and tradition, is valued for its ability to create a serene environment that promotes relaxation.

Additionally, the fragrant smoke from Sambrani is recognised as a useful repellent for mosquitoes, insects, bacteria, and certain viruses.

Soorya Sambrani is available in both powder and convenient cup forms, steeped with a unique and soothing long-lasting rose fragrance that aids spirituality, calmness and concentration, setting it apart from other Sambrani products available in the market.

Yashodha Wimaladharma added,

“I am honoured to be present at the launch of Soorya Sambrani, which represents an aroma that echoes with the tranquility and spiritual heritage of Sri Lankan culture, bringing communities together.

Soorya Sambrani with superior quality ingredients is designed to elevate our surroundings and bring peace to every moment.

I invite everyone to experience the purity and timeless tradition it carries, enhancing daily rituals."

The newly introduced cup Sambrani is designed for easy use.

It eliminates the traditional preparation of charcoal or coconut coir, which can be inconvenient and time-consuming, making it ideal for busy individuals to engage in cultural and religious rituals without compromising on time.

The company believes Soorya Sambrani will resonate strongly with the growing consumer shift towards products with natural ingredients and therapeutic properties.

The introduction of Soorya Sambrani also comes when families seek solace in traditions and spirituality, especially amidst challenging times.

As households continue to place their trust and confidence in the Soorya brand, whether through lighting the oil lamp with matchboxes, illuminating spaces with incense sticks, or creating ambience with candles, the fragrant Sambrani now further strengthens the bond between the brand and its loyal customers.

The new Sambrani range provides continuity of this heritage and is an ideal choice for all communities.

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