Hayleys Electronics and JA Solar launch innovation briefing to drive wider Solar Awareness in Sri Lanka

Hayleys Electronics and JA Solar launch innovation briefing to drive wider Solar Awareness in Sri Lanka

Businesscafe - To introduce JA Solar’s advanced solar panel technologies to the Sri Lankan market, Hayleys Electronics, together with JA Solar, a leading global manufacturer of high-performance photovoltaic products, conducted a workshop last April at the Kingsbury Hotel in Colombo.

Hayleys Electronics is the leading distributor for JA Solar in Sri Lanka.

This event served as a platform for knowledge sharing on global trends and new technological developments in PV modules, elevating the existing collaboration between Hayleys Electronics and JA Solar, combining their expertise, resources and vision to impact the renewable energy sector in Sri Lanka positively.

The programme included presentations by JA Solar's Sales Director for Southeast Asia - Daniel Li, Country Director - Leo Deng and Senior Technical Expert - Lan Feng Wu.

Their presentations addressed the latest advancements in the company's solar panel technologies.

It also provided an in-depth look at the various methods used by global markets to create innovative solar power systems that are now in use in a variety of settings.

The programme also included a recognition ceremony for top performers in JA Solar Trading, where awards were presented to leading distribution partners of Hayleys Electronics.

With the help of Hayleys Electronics' broad distribution network and industry expertise, JA Solar has successfully marketed its high-performance solar panel technology throughout Sri Lanka.

This partnership helped rooftop solar projects become more widely used in commercial, industrial, and residential sectors throughout Sri Lanka's many industries and geographical areas.

“By fostering strong supplier relationships, prioritizing after-sales support, and strategically diversifying our offerings, we ensure our clients have uninterrupted access to reliable, high-quality products.” added Clyed Gabriel, General Manager of Hayleys Electronics.

“This partnership goes beyond the normal supplier-distributor dynamic, and this is a team effort to promote sustainable development in Sri Lanka's many sectors.”

Attendees were immersed in the presentation by Mr. Pathmadewa Samaranayake, Project Coordinator for Solar, of the Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority, who highlighted the government's commitment to encouraging a wider adoption of solar energy.

He guided the audience through industry best practices that equip businesses with the knowledge they need to make informed choices.

The partnership between Hayleys Electronics and JA Solar serves as a testament to the growing importance of solar energy in Sri Lanka.

By combining their expertise and resources, both companies are confident in driving the adoption of clean and sustainable energy solutions for a brighter future.

Photo Caption Hayleys Electronics and JA Solar holds innovation briefing.

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