Mahanama Car Sales honoured as the Best Car Sale of the Year at Pinnacle Awards

Sunday, 04 February 2024 07:23

Mahanama Car Sales honoured as the Best Car Sale of the Year at Pinnacle Awards

Businesscafe - Mahanama Car Sales under the Mahanama Group of Companies, was honoured as the Best Car Sale of the Year at the Pinnacle Sri Lanka 2023 Awards.

The award ceremony organised by the MUGP International was recently held in Colombo.

Founded as a small-scale business in 2014, Mahana Car Sales has now become a leading company in the industry.

Their key business is to market vehicles, especially cars, that have been abandoned without proper maintenance, as highly roadworthy vehicles after repairing them with genuine spare parts.

Proactive in providing the best products to customers, they do not accept vehicles that are damaged beyond repair due to various accidents and natural disasters.

It is also noteworthy that the company, which also imports vehicles, has been importing certain models of vehicles that have not been imported by any other organisation, since its inception.

Apart from vehicle repair and import, Mahanama Car Sales also supports its customers in many needs like selling and purchasing vehicles, obtaining leasing and insurance facilities, and procuring spare parts.

By providing some such services free of charge, the company has been able to instill more confidence in their customers.

Mahanama Group of Companies has around 25 companies offering a wide range of services, including Mahanama Car Sales, Mahanama Hardware, Mahanama Interiors, Mahanama Enterprises, Seven Gems, Muscle by Mahanama, M Studios, Induwara Service Station and ATI Auto Care.

Mahanama Car Sales has overcome many challenges at a time when many similar businesses have suffered a great setback amid the economic crisis and the subsequent ban on vehicle imports.

The company, which has been honoured with many awards previously, stated that being able to win a highly recognised award such as the Pinnacle Award will bring about more success to their business.

Photo Caption Managigig Director of Mahanama Car Sales Mr. Sasindu Mahanama receiving the award.

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