BYD Unveils Its Fifth-Generation DM Technology Revolutionizing the Future of PHEVs

 BYD Unveils Its Fifth Generation DM Technology Revolutionizing the Future of PHEVs

Businesscafe - BYD, the world’s leading manufacturer of new energy vehicles and power batteries, unveiled its groundbreaking Fifth-Generation DM Technology in Xi’an, alongside the official launch of the BYD Qin L DM-i* and BYD Seal 06 DM-i* models in China.

This pioneering advancement notched unprecedented records: an unmatched global thermal efficiency of 46.06%, the lowest fuel consumption at a mere 2.9L/100km even in an electricity deficit state, and an extraordinarily comprehensive driving range-topping 2,100 kilometers.

BYD's innovations are once again reshaping the landscape of automotive fuel efficiency, resetting expectations for plug-in hybrid excellence.

Instantly market-ready, the BYD Qin L DM-i and BYD Seal 06 DM-i offer class-leading efficiency, with a third of traditional car fuel use and triple the range.

The prices of the BYD Qin L DM-i and BYD Seal 06 DM-i range from 99,800 to 139,800 yuan.

BYD’s PHEV models sold over 3.6 million units cumulatively.

One out of every two PHEV cars sold in China is a BYD.

The event today marked not just a technological leap but the dawn of a new age in automotive history, as Wang Chuanfu, Chairman and President of BYD emphasized, BYD is at the forefront of PHEV technology in the global market.

BYD’s Fifth-Generation DM Technology Reshapes the PHEV Paradigm

BYD’s fifth-gen DM technology pushes the boundaries of PHEVs even further with its hallmarks of powerful acceleration, low consumption, sound NVH performance, smooth driving, eco-friendliness, and intelligence.

This leap forward is a testament to an electricity-centric powertrain, a pioneering full-vehicle thermal management system adaptable to all climates, and an Electrical and Electronic (E/E) Architecture seamlessly integrating electrification and intelligence.

BYD’s electricity-centered powertrain achieves a global pinnacle in thermal efficiency, powered by a high-efficiency PHEV engine.

The meticulously optimized EHS electric hybrid system boosts power density by 70.28%, slashing energy losses and enhancing operational efficiency by 92%.

Complimenting this, the enhanced Blade Battery for PHEVs, with a 15.9% rise in energy density, fortifies the vehicle’s performance capacity.

An industry-first, the all-encompassing thermal management system governs heat across the battery, engine bay, and cabin.

In extreme weather, it intelligently conserves energy: direct battery cooling and adaptive grilles save up to 10% in heat, while in cold conditions, it can save up to 8% of energy consumption.

Groundbreaking E/E integration introduces a seven-in-one PHEV controller, multiplying functions and power density by 18.3%.

Consolidating the VCU (Voltage Control Unit) and dual MCUs (Motor Control Unit) amplifies computational power by 146%, revolutionizing vehicle performance and integration.

With new energy vehicles taking the spotlight, BYD’s fifth-gen DM technology launch acts as a pivotal accelerator in the transition from fossil fuels to electric power in the auto industry.

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