MendisOne Honours a Legacy Spanning Twenty-Five Years

Monday, 02 October 2023 15:27

MendisOne Honours a Legacy Spanning Twenty Five Years

Businesscafe - MendisOne celebrates 25 years of prosperity as one of Sri Lanka’s most compelling businesses built on trust, reliability, and professionalism.

With its three entities, Prudential Shipping, Premium Trading and Logistics and Helanka Vacations, the Group has thrived as a beacon of unwavering dedication and unparalleled business ethics and values.

MendisOne celebrated its illustrious journey of a quarter century recently, at Monarch Imperial with its key principles, partners, and all stakeholders from across the globe.

MendisOne began its commercial operations in 1998, guided by a vision of success that transcended any competition.

The Chairman Rohitha Mendis, reminded everyone at MendisOne of leaving an indomitable legacy; one that would inspire future generations.

The celebratory event reminisced stories of inspiration, innovation, and unwavering commitment by the leadership to establish MendisOne as a titan in its respective industries.

This vision, embodied in his words, "Your life is your message," sets the tone for the next chapter of the Group’s remarkable journey.

With their unwavering dedication and passion, employees have been the life force of the MendisOne Group.

Therefore, the heart of the Group’s anniversary celebration beats for the individuals who have dedicated themselves to their remarkable journey.

Together with this, Rohitha shares that principals that have shown immense confidence, while loyal customers, both local and foreign, vendors, authorities, and all other stakeholders have contributed immensely to the success story of MendisOne.

“I extend God's grace, love, strength, and protection to all involved, it is clear that this journey was not without its challenges.

Surprises and joys intertwined, MendisOne navigated through it all with confidence, standing firm on their values and commitment to excellence.”

Under the guidance of Managing Director Rishantha Mendis, MendisOne heralds three diverse enterprises which converge in a shared commitment to enrich the lives of all stakeholders.

With its seamless cargo solutions, Prudential Shipping fuels global trade and enhances economic prospects for businesses and nations alike.

Its logistics solutions arm, Premium Trading and Logistics, optimizes supply chains, driving efficiency and profitability for partners and clients.

Together with this, Helanka Vacations crafts unforgettable journeys, turning dreams into realities, and leaving travellers with cherished memories.

Together, these entities unite in their dedication to not only exceed the expectations of customers, employees, and communities but also to foster enrichment at every turn to uphold MendisOne as one of the most elegant business entities in Sri Lanka.

“We know that our services are not about delivering what is asked for.

It’s about everything in between and beyond.

It’s how we face the unknown and the unexpected.

It’s about building trusted relationships with all our stakeholders.

We call it ‘sail into smoother waters’ and we ensure a service proposition which cannot be matched,” he shares.

Looking ahead, MendisOne is poised for new challenges and opportunities.

Their innovative spirit and evolving mindset promise to continue positively impacting the lives of stakeholders across various industry segments.

The driving force behind their success lies in the desire to achieve, not to compete.

As they embrace the future, they echo the sentiment of the Chairman, "A creative person is motivated by the desire to achieve and not by the desire to beat others.”

Photos as attached -
[1].Chairman, Rohitha Mendis [2]. Managing Director, Rishantha Mendis
Board of Director and the senior Management cutting the anniversary cake

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