TrackieX to help Parents Locate Children Anytime, Anywhere

TrackieX, a Sri Lankan start up, recently launched TrackieX Kids 2G, a GPS tracking device designed to provide parents with the vital added sense of comfort regarding the security of their children.

Every parent dreams of creating a safe haven for their child.

However, today’s demanding world does not provide most parents the luxury of being able to be around their children every minute of the day.

Additionally, parents and children alike are busy running from one location or event to the next one and a constant thought that lurks at the back of every parent’s mind is the safety and security of their child.

Assuring parents of being encircled with an added peace of mind, TrackieX is designed to help parents stay close to their children wherever they go.

The device is a small black tag that can be attached to a school bag or kept inside a pocket, helping parents not only keep track of their children but also alert them during any emergency.

“A parent constantly worries about his or her child.

Being a parent I have experienced this and can fully understand that worry very well.

Additionally, as someone working in the tech industry, I also worry about safety of devices and possible security breaches affecting us.

That is precisely what got me started on TrackieX.

I looked at it from the perspective of both a parent and a technology specialist and invented features required for parents to track their kids without compromising their own security,” stated Sritharan Nadeshkumar, Founder of TrackieX.

TrackieX Kids 2G will help calm fears of every parent.

Produced through careful research, the device’s innovative features help parents track their child’s location on a real-time basis as well as view history as far as two-months via a well-designed user friendly 100 % free mobile app.

Parents can also track multiple devices and set up geographical boundaries for specific times of the day.

This includes setting up geographical areas such as a school and tuition class, which will alert parents when the child enters or exits the marked location.

TrackieX app also has speed alerts especially for children travelling in private school services.

Children are secure as they can send SOS alerts by simply pushing a button.

All these features are easily accessible via a one-time payment for the tracker with no monthly or usage charges applicable.

The tracker comes with a preloaded SIM with one-year data coverage and a 12-month replacement warranty.

TrackieX is currently available for order from the device website and e-commerce sites such as and Daraz, and reputed showrooms including MicroPC Systems.

TrackieX has also pledged to donate LKR 100 to SOS Children’s Village in Sri Lanka for every device purchased.

Sritharan Nadeshkumar Founder of TrackieX

Last modified on Friday, 14 June 2019 05:09