People’s Leasing awarded Sustainability Standards Certification demonstrating proactive approach towards better future

Tuesday, 15 August 2023 09:24

People s Leasing awarded Sustainability Standards Certification demonstrating proactive approach towards better future

Businesscafe - Showcasing the company’s commitment towards embracing sustainability, People’s Leasing & Finance PLC was awarded the Certificate of Acceptance under the Sustainability Standards and Certification Initiative (SSCI) at the Global Sustainable Finance Conference (GSFC), held in Karlsruhe, Germany, recently.

The conference is a distinctive global forum focused on innovating banking and finance for a sustainable world.

People’s Leasing received the award from Arshad Rab, Chairman, International Council of Sustainability Standards and Certification, CEO, European Organisation for Sustainable Development (EOSD).

Pradeep Amirthanayagam, Chairman People’s Leasing stated,

“At People's Leasing, we are committed to embracing sustainability as a guiding principle for building a better and brighter future for our stakeholders, society, and the environment.

The Certification of Acceptance showcases how we will move beyond financial success towards responsible business practices and environmental stewardship.

We aim to create a positive ripple effect, inspiring others in our industry to champion sustainability and contribute to a greener, more equitable world.”

The SSCI is a global initiative for implementing and maintaining holistic, universally accepted, and executable across-the-board sustainability standards.

The certification is a formal acknowledgment presented to People’s Leasing for successfully meeting or integrating sustainability standards.

It also shows the company’s commitment to environmentally responsible, socially beneficial, and well-governed business operations towards the globally recognised sustainable program.

To-date, notable countries such as Malaysia, Cambodia, India, Africa, and Turkey have also enrolled in the program, demonstrating collective efforts towards sustainability.

On receiving the certificate, Shamindra Marcelline, Managing Director/CEO of People’s Leasing & Finance PLC (PLC) said,

“Receiving the Sustainability Standards Certification is a testament to our ongoing efforts in fostering a better future for the communities we serve.

At People's Leasing, sustainability is not just a checkbox – it is deeply ingrained in our core values and business practices.

We believe that responsible business is essential for long-term success and meaningful societal impact.

This certification validates our proactive approach towards sustainability, and we remain committed to driving positive change through responsible and ethical actions."

The organization firmly believes that businesses have a moral and ethical responsibility to contribute to the well-being of our planet and society.

As a result, People's Leasing's sustainability journey comprises various dimensions, including environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and economic resilience.

The company has implemented a range of initiatives aimed at reducing its environmental footprint, promoting financial inclusion, and supporting local communities.

Promoting green consciousness across the value chain, People’s Leasing continues to play its part towards environmental sustainability reducing its carbon footprint.

Investing in communities, People’s Leasing persists in uplifting education and empowering communities.

The certification also marks the beginning of a transformative journey and testament to the organization's steadfast commitment to creating a positive impact on the world through environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles.

It also represents an opportunity for the company to further engage and empower employees, partners, and stakeholders in a collective mission towards a more sustainable future.

As People's Leasing embraces this sustainable program, the organization reaffirms its commitment to making a significant difference in the world.


The acceptance of the Sustainability Certification is more than a document - it signifies People's Leasing's unwavering dedication to creating a world that prioritizes sustainability and empowers individuals and communities to thrive.

Photo Caption from left to right Dr. Frank Mentrup, Lord Mayor of Karlsruhe in Germany, Mr. Shamindra Marcelline, CEO/GM, People’s Leasing & Finance PLC, Mr. Pradeep Amirthanayagam, Chairman, People’s Leasing & Finance PLC, Mr. Arshad Rab, Chairman International Council of Sustainability Standards for Value-Driven Financial Institutions and CEO, EOSD, and Mr. Tom Høyem , Former Cabinet Minister of the Kingdom of Denmark, Member EOSD International Council of Sustainability Standards for Value-Driven Financial Institutions and Member, City Council of Karlsruhe, Germany.

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