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Tuesday, 21 November 2017 07:45

This festive season consider investing in a regular savings plan instead of splurging everything on gifts for family and friends.

The easiest way to grow your wealth is to contribute to it one small step or investment at a time.

This is why Money Market accounts from NDB Wealth are a great alternative to bank savings accounts.

With earned income reflected in the account balance on a daily basis, these accounts offer both attractive returns, and the flexibility to withdraw money any time without penalty.

Utilising Money Market Funds, which are perfect for beginners, these accounts empower you to put together a regular savings plan, to take charge of your future.

Simple to invest in, and easy-to-use, NDB Wealth accounts yield significantly more than many traditional bank savings accounts.

Take your first of many small steps, and make an investment today.

NDB Wealth's years of experience in managing and growing wealth will do the rest.

“Money Market accounts from NDB Wealth allow you to put together a regular savings plan that is undoubtedly the most straightforward way to grow your wealth, as it offers higher rates of return in comparison to bank savings accounts.

Ideal for novices, it is a great first step into financial planning and the potential inherent in the field,” said Christina Wesley, a Financial Advisor at NDB Wealth.

So ‘It’s Time’ to work together with NDB Wealth to help build your dreams.

To begin, visit the NDB Wealth website to access regular savings plans for families, women, children and even retirement income.

You can also try out the website’s “Auto Wealth Planner” function, to custom design a plan that meets your individualised financial needs.

Or, call/visit NDB Wealth to speak to a Relationship Manager, to benefit from a greater level of personalized service.

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