Plan for Financial Independence this February 4 with NDB Wealth

Sunday, 28 January 2018 06:17

As Sri Lanka marks its 70th Independence Day, expert financial planner NDB Wealth is asking all Sri Lankans to take the first real step towards planning for their own financial independence.

Stop living from salary cheque to salary cheque, facing the constant fear of not having enough money in the bank to meet your everyday need, instead take control of your finances by planning ahead.

Particularly, financial independence becomes the need of the hour during periods of local and global uncertainty.

In most cases, when you plan ahead, you also plan smarter.

As a result, no matter what you face, you are prepared for any eventuality, which leads to a much better control, and growth, for your investments.

Combine this with NDB Wealth's unmatched plans and expert advice, and you can truly elevate your financial planning to enjoy an unparalleled degree of financial independence.

Very popular among NDB Wealth account holders who are new to investing are its Money Market funds.

These are the ideal platform for beginners who are unsure where to start, empowering them to take charge of their future.

Simple to invest in, and easy-to-use, these funds offer almost double what most traditional bank savings accounts offers to Sri Lankan, as well as including other benefits such as income being credited daily while being also being tax free to your hands.

“NDB Wealth offers a truly inspired range of unmatched investment products, to meet every need.

For example, investing in a Money Market account allows you to put together a regular savings plan that is without doubt the easiest way to accelerate the growth of your wealth, since it offers higher rates of return when compared to traditional bank savings,” said Shenelle Cassim, a Financial Advisor at NDB Wealth.

So ‘It’s Time’ to work together with NDB Wealth to help you build your dreams.

NDB Wealth’s team of expert financial planners better prepares you for the challenges of life, with a view towards full financial independence for you and your family, and all the benefits entailed therein.

Photo caption : Shenelle Cassim, a Financial Advisor at NDB Wealth. 

Shenelle Cassim a Financial Advisor at NDB Wealth

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