League of Multinational Corporates (LMNC) Hosts Inaugural Business Forum with Globally Renowned Keynote Speaker Jim Lawless

The League of Multinational Corporates (LMNC), a consortium of leading multinational corporations operating in Sri Lanka, hosted its inaugural business forum featuring Jim Lawless, a globally renowned keynote speaker, and the author of the bestselling book “Taming Tigers”.

The exclusive event brought together many high-profile business personalities and heads of corporates, confirming its pre-event status as the most anticipated business event in Colombo.

LMNC was formed in early 2018, with seven leading multinational companies – Baur & Co, Ceylon Tobacco Company, Heineken, HSBC, Lanka IOC, Mastercard and Unilever – coming together. With its formation, LMNC aims to promote the development of trade, commerce and investment of multinational businesses established in Sri Lanka.

The LMNC will provide a forum in which multinational businesses and their leadership in Sri Lanka can identify and discuss business issues and opportunities among themselves and with the Government of Sri Lanka.

Speaking on the subject, Director of the League of Multinational Corporates and CEO/Managing Director of Ceylon Tobacco Company PLC, Mr. Michael Koest stated, “The LMNC was formed for multinational corporates to come together and create a platform where the government and private organizations, in particular multinationals, can have open conversation around how we can improve things with regard to the business climate and how to increase investor confidence and make Sri Lanka an attractive place for Foreign Direct Investment.”

The theme of this year’s inaugural business forum is “Conquering the Impossible”, with insights from keynote speaker Jim Lawless who has inspired people within some of the world’s leading companies to take astute risks and adapt for change and high performance.

Jim Lawless’ own remarkable story shows how his own ‘Taming Tigers’ framework can and does deliver outstanding and unique results.

It is also the framework that helped him step into the record books as the first Briton to dive lower than 100 meters on a single breath.

The LMNC offers a novel prospect to the investment landscape in Sri Lanka, and its membership expects to drive its stated objectives with a passion to deliver a more conducive business landscape for multinationals operating in Sri Lanka with corresponding benefits to the Country and all communities. 

Last modified on Wednesday, 03 October 2018 05:13