Give back to your parents in the most amazing way with NDB Wealth

Tuesday, 16 October 2018 06:02

Commemorated recently, the United Nation's International Day of Older Persons is a day to appreciate the contributions of older people to society.

In celebrating this important day, it is best to also take this opportunity to plan for your retired parents' future, which is only a very small way of paying them back for all they have done for you.

So they can live a full, comfortable and healthy life in their sunset years.

In fact, the most amazing way to secure your elderly parent's future is undoubtedly an investment in a Money Plus account from expert financial planner NDB Wealth.

According to Shenelle Cassim, a Financial Advisor at NDB Wealth, "Depositing or saving a lump sum in our Money Plus account is the most convenient and uncomplicated way to ensure a monthly cash flow or a regular monthly income for your parents, to meet their needs during retirement.

Simply, it’s the easiest way to create a pension for someone, since all the other work related to opening and managing the account is taken care of by the highly experienced team at NDB Wealth.

This includes crediting your elder’s bank account every month without fail so they always have money to spend."

It is noteworthy that the NDB Wealth Money Plus account is ideal for children or guardians who are too busy to keep track of whether the elders they support have the funds they need, when they need them.

Additionally, it is tax free, with income credited daily to the elder's Money Plus account.

At the same time, and maybe most important of all, the Money Plus account from NDB Wealth works like a savings account that pays rates similar to a fixed deposit.

Currently, the Money Plus fund yields 10.90% per annum as at 11th October 2018.

However, in an emergency, one can even withdraw all of the money deposited, without a penalty.

Truly, the NDB Wealth Money Plus account is the most amazing way to reward any person you love.

So, don't delay, it’s time to plan a wonderful future for your elderly parents today itself.

Visit or call us on 0719 788 788 to book an appointment with one of our relationship managers immediately, and find out how to set up a Money Plus account for your elderly parents.

You can also visit our website to explore other investment opportunities, or even connect with NDB Wealth’s exemplary team of financial planners who can help you and your family in achieving full financial independence, with all the benefits it entails.

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