CFA Society Sri Lanka Announces BPPL Holdings PLC as the Subject Company for the Local Competition of the CFA Institute Research Challenge

Tuesday, 29 November 2022 15:49

CFA Society Sri Lanka

Businesscafe - CFA Society Sri Lanka announced that the subject company for its 16th annual Research Challenge will be BPPL Holdings PLC.

The Research Challenge is an annual educational initiative designed to promote best and ethical practices in equity research to students from universities worldwide through hands-on mentoring and intensive training.

Leading industry professionals mentor students on how to research and report on a publicly traded company.

Last year, more than 6400 students from over 1000 universities in 90 countries participated in local challenges, leading to the regional and global competitions hosted by CFA Institute and the Global Final will be held in 2023.

Commenting on the CFA Institute Research Challenge, Dr. Anush Amarasinghe, Managing Director BPPL Holdings PLC said that

“We are very pleased to participate as the subject company of this global competition organized by CFA Institute and CFA Society Sri Lanka and to support this annual educational initiative designed to promote best and ethical practices in equity research.

We wish all the teams all the very best in this competition”.

BPPL Holdings PLC is a pioneering and groundbreaking company in developing and creating eco-friendly products which sensibly make use of natural resources.

Through its subsidiaries Beira Brush (Private) Limited and Eco-Spindles (Private) Limited, BPPL moves forward in manufacturing products that help create a cleaner and greener Sri Lanka whilst generating value for customers worldwide.

Beira Brush (Private) Limited manufactures a range of brushware for a multitude of purposes.

The company’s brush facility produces professional and household cleaning tools, with sophisticated machinery producing more than 6.5 million pieces annually.

Additionally, Beira Brush manufactures an impressive 10 million linear feet of semi-finished and finished units of woodblocks per annum ranging from plain to painted finishes.

Eco-Spindles (Private) Limited produces synthetic filaments and polyester yarn for its local and international customer base.

In a landmark pioneering venture, Eco Spindles also produces polyester yarn using PET flakes.

The manufactured recycled draw textured polyester is tailor-made to serve fabric manufacturers across the world.

BPPL continuously strives to manage businesses to be responsive, ethical, open, and accountable, promoting a relationship of respect and trust among all stakeholders including its shareholders, customers, the government, the community, and employees.

15 teams from state and non-state universities in Sri Lanka will submit a research report with their recommendation, derived based on an in-depth analysis of BPPL Holdings PLC.

The shortlisted teams will present and defend their equity analysis at the local finals to be held on the 27th of February 2023, to a panel of judges.


Photo Caption Dr. Anush Amarasinghe Managing Director BPPL Holdings PLC

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