Dentsu’s Isobar Sri Lanka : Gaming their way to the top at the SLIM Digis 2.3 for the second consecutive year

Monday, 13 November 2023 09:55

Dentsu s Isobar Sri Lanka Gaming their way to the top at the SLIM Digis 2.3 for the second consecutive year

Businesscafe - Isobar, a brand belonging to Dentsu Communications, has once again emerged as the undisputed leader in gaming marketing in Sri Lanka, securing a total of 7 awards at the prestigious SLIM Digis 2.3.

The awards, spanning across 6 categories, highlight Isobar's commitment to innovation and excellence in the dynamic realm of gaming marketing. Isobar is the digital arm of the leading holistic marketing communications agency Dentsu Communications.

The pinnacle of Isobar's success at the awards ceremony was marked by the recognition of their outstanding campaign, which was the single most awarded campaign that triumphed in an unprecedented 4 categories.

This achievement underscores Isobar's unparalleled expertise and creativity in gaming marketing, solidifying their position at the forefront of the industry in Sri Lanka for the second consecutive year.

In a remarkable feat, Isobar secured the top award in 2 categories, making them the leading honorees in the Gaming Category and Best Use of Branded Content.

This dual triumph not only reflects the exceptional quality of Isobar's campaigns but also highlights their ability to stand out in fiercely competitive categories.

Isobar's success at SLIM Digis 2.3 is not just a testament to their own achievements but also a testament to the burgeoning gaming landscape in Sri Lanka.

As the country experiences a remarkable surge in gaming popularity, brands now have an unparalleled opportunity to engage with audiences in innovative and immersive ways.

Chamith Buthgumwa - Vice President, Dentsu communications said

"In the vibrant landscape of Sri Lanka, gaming isn't just a pastime; it's a cultural phenomenon on the rise.

The surge in gaming's popularity has transformed it from a niche interest to a mainstream entertainment channel.

At Isobar, our success at SLIM Digis 2.3 is not just a celebration of awards; it's a tribute to the spirit of our clients who dared to defy the norm and a big shout-out to Kaali Projects and Audacity for their professional collaboration and innovative approach, which played a crucial role in achieving exceptional results.

From the inception of groundbreaking campaigns to the dual triumph in categories where innovation reigns supreme, our clients have been partners in pushing boundaries.

Today's success is a nod to those who dared to be different, illustrating that unconventional thinking not only wins awards but transforms industries.

As we stand as leaders for the second year running, we salute the bold brands who dared to make a difference in the dynamic world of gaming marketing.”

Commenting on the win Neela Marikkar – Chairperson at the Dentsu Grant Group said

"At Dentsu, our unwavering commitment to pioneering technology propels us into the future.

We believe in harnessing cutting-edge technologies to redefine industry standards.

Isobar Sri Lanka's triumph at SLIM Digis 2.3 showcases how our dedication to pushing technological boundaries leads to transformative achievements within the industry.

As we celebrate Isobar's consecutive success, it underscores Dentsu's pivotal role in steering the advertising industry towards a tech-driven, innovative future.

We stand at the forefront of this transformative journey, leveraging technology as a catalyst for reshaping the narrative of advertising.

The agency's triumph is a manifestation of Dentsu's commitment to a dynamic, forward-thinking future in the ever-evolving landscape of marketing."

The gaming platform provides a unique avenue for brands to connect with a diverse and highly engaged audience.

With the evolution of gaming into a mainstream entertainment channel, brands can no longer afford to overlook its potential.

Isobar's triumph at SLIM Digis 2.3 serves as a compelling example of the effectiveness of gaming marketing and the untapped potential it holds for brands looking to make a lasting impact.

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