Empowering Northern Cricket through Specialized Coaching

Sunday, 03 December 2023 10:01

Empowering Northern Cricket through Specialized Coaching

Businesscafe - Cricket in Sri Lanka is a unique phenomenon that binds our nation together in positivity and pride.

The game continues to tear down barriers to bring almost every citizen to the streets, cheering, dancing and pulsating to a uniquely Sri Lankan rhythm united under one flag, one team.

Right now, the entire nation yearns for that excitement of seeing our flag fly high once again.

It goes without saying that in order to reclaim our victorious spot on the cricket world map, we must keep unearthing new talent and give them opportunities to sharpen their skills.

In 2014, Tokyo Cement Group and the Foundation of Goodness set off on a mission to discover young cricketing talent from across the country.

Together they organize monthly Cricket Coaching Camps where youngsters are given the chance to polish up their raw talent under the guidance of the best coaches and cricket experts.

The objective is to give budding school cricketers from remote backgrounds the opportunity to realize their dreams of a successful sporting career.

The initiative takes place at the Foundation of Goodness’ world-class practice facilities in Seenigama and Hikkaduwa, where monthly Cricket Coaching Camps are conducted.

The sessions are led by the celebrated coaching staff of renowned cricket coach Mr. Hemantha Devapriya, for schoolgirls and boys aged between 13 to 19 years.

The success of the Southern cricket camps prompted Tokyo Cement to extend the program to the Northern areas in 2017, in search of future cricketing sensations.

The program enrolls many young cricketers from areas such as Jaffna, Killinochchi, Oddusudan, Mankulam, Mullaitivu, Vavuniya and Mannar.

Mr. Anura De Silva, Sports Director of the Foundation of Goodness, heads the project which aims to take 50 Northern youth under its wings to train them to become sparkling cricket stars who bring glory to our motherland.

Upon witnessing the richness of talent in the North, Mr. De Silva comments,

“Right throughout history, Sri Lankan cricket got enriched thanks to players from different parts of the country who infused their unique styles to the game.

There is tremendous talent yet to be discovered in our rural areas.

Our aim is to uncover these gems that can enhance our cricket legacy in the future”.

The showcase of talent in the North has so far surpassed all expectations, igniting our hopes for another Sri Lankan cricketing spring in the near future.

Tokyo Cement Group is an avid supporter of cricket on the frontline to uplift the game.

The Company firmly believes in the game’s ability to build bridges across geographic and social boundaries characterizing true cricketing spirit.

The coaching camps conducted by the Foundation of Goodness under the patronage of Tokyo Cement have so far trained over 1,000 girl and boy school cricketers, producing many National-level players who represent Sri Lanka in the World Cricket Arena.

By providing youth from every part of the country an opportunity to unite in cricket, the company is laying the foundation of brotherhood, understanding and respect, that contributes to Nation-building which remains Tokyo Cement’s vision as the leader in the local construction industry.

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