Deloitte South Asia's Consulting leadership discuss blueprint for business transformation and growth

Saturday, 02 March 2024 14:51

Deloitte South Asia s Consulting leadership discuss blueprint for business transformation and growth

Businesscafe - The Deloitte Consulting leadership in South Asia convened in Sri Lanka, marking a significant move to drive growth in the South Asian region.

A resolute commitment was made to scale collaboration, nurture talent, and embrace sustainability while shaping the future trajectory of the region's business landscape.

“As we strive for unprecedented growth in the South Asia region, Deloitte stands united in its commitment to scale this path of development.

Together, we envision a future defined by innovation, technology, inclusiveness, and sustainability, where our unwavering collaboration paves the way for lasting success,” said, Sathish Gopalaiah, President, Consulting, Deloitte South Asia.

Highlighting Sri Lanka's role in Deloitte South Asia's growth journey, Nishan Mendis, Consulting Leader for Deloitte Sri Lanka and Maldives stated,

“The over fifty-member delegation, committed to invest in Sri Lanka, its vision for driving meaningful change, and build on the confidence in the country's young talent and massive growth potential.”

The meeting emphasised the importance of close collaboration with businesses across industries to envision and implement transformative models.

With the rapid advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and the emergence of Generative AI, businesses need to adapt their strategies to embrace innovation and drive sustainable growth in an ever-evolving landscape.

Sathish Gopalaiah stated, "Our focus on AI and Gen AI demonstrates our commitment to helping clients navigate the complexities of the digital age.

By partnering with clients to develop business models that stand the test of time, we aim to position them for success in an increasingly competitive marketplace."

Moreover, the executives stressed on the transformative role of human capital in driving organizational success.

Breaking from convention, Human Resources (HR) was recognised as a strategic enabler capable of fostering growth and propelling organizations to new heights in the region.

In line with their commitment to innovation, the executives delved into prospective business models that leverage digital transformation to enhance efficiency and sustainability.

By embracing Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles, businesses can synchronize their operations with sustainable practices, simultaneously generating value for both shareholders and stakeholders.

"We stand at a crucial juncture in the evolution of the South Asia market," remarked Sathish Gopalaiah, President, Deloitte South Asia.

"By scaling our collaborative efforts and investing in talent development, we can unlock exceptional opportunities for growth and innovation, driving the region to new heights of prosperity."

"The global demand for skilled professionals is experiencing a notable surge due to technological advancements and industry expansion.

We can capitalise on Sri Lanka's highly skilled workforce as a reliable source to meet this demand.

Our 'Island of Ingenuity' brand aligns seamlessly with these objectives. Deloitte's growth plans aim to tap into Sri Lanka's potential and talent,” added Nishan Mendis.

Deloitte Sri Lanka and Maldives is a multi-disciplinary professional services firm that is a part of the Deloitte network.

Deloitte offers a range of assurance, tax, consulting including technology consulting, financial advisory and risk advisory services.

Deloitte is amongst the largest professional services networks globally with presence in over 150 countries and comprising more than 450,000 professionals.

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