Citi Celebrates International Women's Day 2024 : Inspring Inclusion

Citi Celebrates International Womens Day 2024

Businesscafe - Citi Sri Lanka recently celebrated International Women’s Day by hosting a fireside discussion bringing together female leaders to facilitate a conversation around diversity and inclusion in the workplace, and what this year’s theme #InspireInclusion means to them.

The diverse panel consisted of Dilani Yatawaka, Finance Director, Ideal Motors Pvt Ltd, Yasodhara Pathanjali Founding Principal, Independent Collective School and Vanya Goonetilleke, Vice President / Head, Country Human Resources, Citi along with session moderator Kanishka Hewage, Vice President / Head, Securities Services, Citi.

Ravin Basnayake, Citi Country Officer & Banking Head during his welcome address stressed on Citi’s commitment as a global bank to support and promote an inclusive work culture that values diversity and equal opportunity to all with no gender-based discrimination, paving way for equal career opportunities and recognition for achievements.

Encapsulating, Citi’s Diversity Representation : Citi aims to boost global representation of women in leadership positions to 43.5% in 2025 from the current 40.6%.

In closing, he acknowledged the gender-based accomplishments achieved thus far but stated much more work needs to be done in this sphere to attain the true spirit of equality.

The inspiring and insightful session tackled many aspects of the corporate world and the formidable biases and issues faced by women.

Panelists sharing their personal journeys giving examples of their real-life situations created a relatable and transparent conversation offering practical advise on how all can work together to create an equal place.

Progressing to the evening the event concluded by a networking session for all attendees.

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