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Commercial Bank completes repairs to Sri Pada steps

Tuesday, 28 April 2015 09:00

The Commercial Bank has completed the repairs to two sections of the steps to the summit of Sri Pada under a project undertaken by the Bank’s CSR Trust for the benefit of pilgrims.

The work began in 2014 and involved renovation of the steps between ‘Rathu Ambalama’ to ‘Golutenna’ on the stretch leading up to Seetha Gangula.

This was the second occasion that Commercial Bank undertook restoration of the pathway up Sri Pada as part of the Bank’s commitment to the nurturing of places of historic, cultural and religious significance in Sri Lanka.

The Bank previously funded the reconstruction of the pathway between Seetha Gangula and Thenna in 2008.

Sri Pada is revered as a holy site by several religions and annually thousands of pilgrims climb the steps up this holy mountain to worship.

It is of particular significance to Buddhists due to the belief that the foot print of Lord Buddha is imprinted on top of the mountain.

The peak pilgrimage season is in April.

Preserving Sri Lanka’s cultural heritage is one of the focus areas of the CSR Trust of Commercial Bank.

Two of the main projects it has completed in this sphere are the construction of a Museum at Kirivehera and the renovation of the lamp posts donated by the Bank to Dambulla Temple.

Pictured here are some pilgrims climbing to the peak of Sri Pada via the recently renovated steps. 

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