Nawaloka Hospitals celebrate 33 years of exceptional healthcare provision with a CSR program in Anuradhapura ( 08 photos )

Celebrating 33 years of exceptional healthcare service to thousands of Sri Lankans, Nawaloka Hospitals conducted a CSR campaign targeting school age children and the general public in Anuradhapura on the 15th of September.

The main event was a free health camp held at the A/Thambiyawa Dharmapala Viduhala - Thanthirimalaya with the participation of four neighboring schools as well as the general public of the area.

Students and teachers from the A/Kimbulweva Ananda Viduhala Thanthirimalaya, A/Ashoka Vidyala Elayapaththuwa A/Sirisangabo Viduhala Elayapaththuwa, A/Athdathkalla Rahula Vidyalaya Pemaduwawa took part in the health camp

Healthcare professionals conducted a comprehensive first aid training session to assist students from participating schools and obtained valuable insights to be used during an emergency.

The training session covered skills such as assessing an emergency situation, giving first aid, managing fractures, splinting techniques and ways to control bleeding, amongst other things.

Following the session, a complete first aid box was donated to all participating schools.

An education program was done in an attempt to educate young children on good nutrition habits and the importance of good hygiene which will provide lasting benefits to these children in their future endeavors.

All students from all participating schools were also gifted with essential school supplies.

A foundation stone was also laid to build an outdoor theatre at the A/Ashoka Vidyala Elayapaththuwa enabling these young students to express their creativity.

“We laid a strong foundation 33 years ago by setting up a private hospital, upon which the private healthcare system continues to innovate and care for millions of Sri Lankans.

As we celebrate that bold step taken all those years ago, we sought to lend a helping hand to those that need it the most,” commented Chairman of Nawaloka Hospitals Dr. Jayantha Dharmadasa.

Over 500 people attended the free health camp held on the 15th which facilitated a number of tests along with a free medical consultation to the participants.

Nawaloka Hospitals also provided the necessary medication free of charge at the health camp.

Nawaloka Hospitals first established itself as a private healthcare provider in 1985 to mirror reputed state run hospitals in the region which offered advanced medical technology and expert medical care.

This initiation marked the entry of the private healthcare system in Sri Lanka, opening a new chapter in the country’s medical and healthcare history by enabling specialized treatment within the country.

Since then, Nawaloka Hospitals has maintained an impeccable reputation and continues to raise the bar of the private healthcare system.

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