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Crysbro uplifts communities through socially conscious action

Sustainability has always occupied a prime position on leading chicken producer Crysbro’s list of operational priorities.

Whether it is empowering partner farming communities, initiating environmentally friendly practices or facilitating the growth of its own employees, this quintessentially Lankan agricultural leader has constantly looked to set benchmarks with its Corporate Social Responsibility.

This is most pronounced in its endeavours to uplift the lives of maize farmers and chicken outgrowers located across the country.

Crysbro’s strong links with these farmers, who either supply the maize which is fed to the chickens or raise chickens in partnership with the company, enable livelihood creation within these remote communities.

Its recent Dari Saviya drive underscored its support of these farming families by administering assistance to 1,200 maize farmers and 250 contract growers.

Beyond its base business, Crysbro facilitates further social welfare through multiple unique initiatives.

One such programme is the Crysbro Next Champ project, aimed at discovering and rewarding talented young sportsmen and sportswomen throughout Sri Lanka.

Those identified receive guidance from experts in their respective sporting discipline such as tips on effective training methods and a structured diet.

Crysbro’s motivation for setting up the project was a desire to find undiscovered sporting potential within the ranks of the country’s youth which could be shepherded to success at international competitions.

Some of the other community empowerment programmes the organisation has conducted over the past year include Sisu Diriya which aided 6,000 students from universities and vocational institutes, Praja Aruna which saw the construction of 34 new houses and the renovation of 80 others and Haritha Sathkara, an environmental initiative which enabled the planting of 5,000 saplings.

Another significant facet of Crysbro’s empowerment extends to its own employees who are spread out across 18 business locations centralised within six core companies.

Its employees are continually nurtured through an environment which facilitates career growth as well as personal development and wellbeing.

This is illustrated through the annual awards gala it hosts to celebrate the achievements of its outstanding employees.

Last year’s event saw 1,100 of its employees being recognised and rewarded with multiple prizes that included housing construction and renovation schemes, family vacations and cash prizes.

The decision to aid employees in their dream of owning a house reflects Crysbro’s deep belief in empowering an employee by uplifting the economic and social status of their entire family.

A clear demonstration of this are the regular donation drives organised for children of Crysbro staff, along with various talent shows where they are provided with an opportunity to showcase their talent.

The most recent of these was Suwa Shakthi, through which 20 health camps were conducted within Crysbro’s business units.

Additionally, those residing in neighbouring areas also got the opportunity to participate in these camps and receive free medicine and medical check-ups.

The Suwa Shakthi initiative also facilitated the renovation of two wards of the Gampola Hospital.

Furthermore, the company inculcates within its employees a keen appreciation of environmentally sustainable practices and the importance of cooperation with neighbouring communities.

Crysbro also plays a crucial role in catalysing economic prosperity.

This is achieved through its leading role within the poultry industry, whose short- and long-term benefits to the economy are immense.

The Sri Lankan poultry industry is among the country’s highest agricultural revenue generators along with its most disciplined, structured and consistent taxpayer.

Over the next few years, Crysbro is slated to continue as an integral player within the industry as demand for poultry rises across the country in line with population and tourism growth alongside the escalating costs of other meat sources.

Established in 1972 with just 100 chicks and a deep desire to be a market leader in quality and innovation, Crysbro has emerged as Sri Lanka’s first and most sophisticated, fully vertically-integrated poultry producer.

Its operations span grandparent and parent farms, hatcheries, broiler farms and feed mills.

This thriving ‘Farm-to-Fork’ concept has formed the core of its success.

In turn, it has yielded unprecedented benefit for numerous stakeholders including direct and indirect employees, outgrowers, domestic maize farmers and ultimately Sri Lankan consumers.

Last modified on Monday, 22 July 2019 13:09